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I felt no remorse at all, because I felt so disconnected from my husband. I actually had friends at the time who were cheating. That helped, as

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A woman has been cheating on husband with his best friend for five years and she wants to know how to end the relationship.

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One of my best male friends recently called me because he found out that his wife s best friend was cheating on her husband, his friend. Before talking to an expert, I put this question on Twitter: If you are a guy and you found out your friend s wife was cheating on him.

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A husband in China has reportedly caught his wife of 20 years cheating on him with his friend after accidentally left his dashcam at home and

Not only would I never marry a man with wandering eyes, I would also never stay with would do if our partner strayed, and about men who cheat and women who stay. I threw up, and then called my best friend even though it was midnight. You might expect a friendship advocate to champion, "Always tell your girlfriend the truth! Our loyalty is to each other!" And while I agree with

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