Festival Tous Ecrans I Geneva International Film Festival

Festival Tous Ecrans I Geneva International Film Festival
Maison des Arts du Grutli
16, Rue du General-Dufour
Case Postale 5759
Geneve, Switzerland

Tel: +41 22 809 69 20


Drama Independent Short TV

Festival Overview

Festival Tous Ecrans I Geneva International Film Festival, unique in Europe, has been offering a full panorama of the best current production across cinema, television, and web and transmedia since 1995. Radical and visionary, in 2013 the Festival showed 135 films from 35 countries and welcomed 450 international professionals.

As a place where all genres and disciplines meet, Festival Tous Ecrans fosters an attitude of cele-bration and experimentation. Five competitive sections enforce the discovery of new talents, while the out-of-competition programme (Nuits blanches, Focus, Retrospective, Grandes Premières, etc.) celebrates - in picture and music - the diversity and wealth of audio-visual arts. Finally, the programme for professionals, Workflow, is dedicated to new digital trends.

The International Competitions for full-length and short feature films at Festival Tous Ecrans – Geneva International Film Festival explore cinema in the making, while focusing on the discovery of new narratives and openly looking to delight and surprise, and to open new paths. Another aim of the competitions is to confront genres, outlooks and perspectives. Moreover, a programme of special events, during which some of the year’s most awaited films are premiered, pays homage to grand international art-house cinema.

Iconoclastic, subversive, and visionary - Festival Tous Ecrans – Geneva International Film Festival was one of the first European events to screen the made-for-television works of renowned filmmakers across the world. Its International television series competition served to reveal such series as 24, Damages, The Killing, Hatufim and, more recently, Top of the Lake, and Rectify.

Its bold choices systematically give priority to cutting-edge programmes and creative series, simultaneously highlighting the authors’ essential roles when screenwriting. The Festival also features a selection of the year’s best television films produced by some of the most exciting contemporary filmmakers.

Since 2008, Festival Tous Ecrans – Geneva International Film Festival has explored new participative and interactive forms of screenwriting. This pioneering festival is one of the few in the world to host an International competition for transmedia works supporting various actions year-round in this field (Hackathon CERN-Tribeca, TEDx Transmedia, etc.).

The Festival also pays tribute to several web series via a Competition devoted to the genre, which audaciously blends fiction with documentary projects. The Festival contributes to the recognition of web series as a format in itself by restricting its selection to only the best web projects.

Workflow at Festival Tous Ecrans – Geneva International Film Festival offers a programme for professionals by hosting coproduction meetings dedicated to digital trends (web series, transmedia, etc.). This offering includes a series of conferences, round tables, and professional meetings in the field of digital and television creation, and media convergence.

The Festival also focuses yearly on the audio-visual creation of a country or specific territory, screening films and setting up meetings with the public and with professionals from the film industry concerned.


Prizes and Juries
Awards are attributed by juries composed of international creatives. The full juries list will be announced on October 2014.

Reflet d'Or for Best Feature : donated by the City of Geneva and the State of Geneva: CHF 10'000

TV5MONDE award for best French-language feature or series: acquisition

Reflet d'Or for Best International Short: CHF 1’500

Reflet d'Or for Best TV Series - donated by the City of Geneva and the State of Geneva

Reflet d'Or for Best Web Series - donated by Sunrise: CHF 3'000

Reflet d'Or for Best Transmedia Project- donated by the City of Geneva and the State of Geneva


Open to the public

Here is the regulation and the procedure for registred films and series.

1. Festival dates
The 20th edition will take place from November 6th to November 13th 2014.

2. Deadline for registration
Once your film has been selected, the registration deadline is August 20th 2014.

3. Competitions: lengths and genres
Opening and closing credits are included in the specified durations. All films genres are accepted, across documentary and fiction, with the exception of films deemed to be advertising a service or product.

International Features Competition
Minimum duration 60'

International TV Series Competition
Episode length 25'-80'
Minimum 3 episodes

International Short Competition
Maximum duration 30'

Transmedia Works Competition
No set duration

Web Series Competition
No set duration

4. Entry requirements
a) Works must be produced in 2013 and 2014.
b) We require Swiss premieres and French TV premieres. Works entered cannot have been shown on non-encrypted channels of Swiss or French television before the 14th November 2014.
c) Once the registration is complete, no film can be pulled from the festival programme. The festival retains the right to pull out a work if it does not meet the requirements stated.

5. Registration guidelines
You may only register your film or series once we have selected it. If this is the case, you will received a link to our online registration form. Online registration generates a contract - please print, sign and send us this. If not already with us, please also send the final version of your film on DVD (for subtitling purposes). Indicate "no commercial value" on the envelope.

6. Print traffic
a) IMPORTANT: when you send us your final projection copy, a pro forma invoice must be joined, with mention of the sender’s name, film title, format, length, number of reels (for 35mm) and whether it’s in colour or B/W.
b) Incoming and outgoing shipping costs or customs fees for final projection copies of selected films are covered by the Festival.
These copies will be returned to the sender only after the end of the festival (allowing for exceptions). DVD screeners will be retained in the festival’s archives.

Please send all material to :

Maison des Arts du Grütli
16, Rue Général Dufour
CP 5730 - 1211 Genève

7. Insurance
Insurance costs for the period between receipt and return of the film copies are covered by the Festival. In case of loss or damage during this period, the festival is only be liable for the replacement value of the blank reels.

8. Subtitling
All films will be shown with English and/or French subtitles, at the festival’s expense. If we request a dialogue list with timecode, please ensure that it corresponds to the version we will be screening.

9. Invitations
Depending on budget availabilities, the festival’s priority is to invite directors of works in competition. The festival has the right to decide upon itineraries, in agreement with the guests. Invited directors are requested to attend at least one of the screenings and participate in the Q & A following the film/series. Precise travel dates shall be confirmed at least 20 days prior to the start of the festival.

10. Film programming
a) Your films and series may be screened in mixed programmes, at the festival's discretion.
b) Some films and series may be shown in prime-time, at the festival's discretion.
c) Registering your film authorizes the festival to use associated trailers and extracts to promote the festival, and to show the film in the festival’s theatres.
d) Films and series which are already viewable online will be posted on our website.
e) Selected films will be digitalised for access to professional accreditees in our Media Library

Features :
DCP (24 or 25 fps), 35mm, HDCAM (25 or 50 fps), DIGIBETA (PAL) et Blu-ray (PAL / B)

TV Series :
HDCAM (25 or 50 fps), DIGIBETA (PAL), Blu-ray (PAL / B)

Web Series & Shorts :
Digital File (Quicktime, H.264, 1920x1080, Max 4Gb, 50Mbit/s limited, 25 fps)

There are no entry fees associated with this festival

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