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B Generation, 2011, 100 min
Internet Hacking
B Heroes - Cosmetic Costumed Crusaders, 2009, 6 min
Their here to save the world from bad make-up...
B i s B i s, 2012, 4 min
location: Bogotá, Colombia
Putrid smell of betrayal, sin pest... there is no greater love than the one of the repentant traitor.
Drama Independent Short
B is for Break Up, 2013, 5 min
Trapped in a relationship
B Lucky, 2011, 5 min
Deadline day.
B Safe B Cool, 2011, 9 min
Educational Interactive DVD
B Story, 2002, 5 min
A grotesque story of avidity
B wark, 2011, 60 min
Episode Sacrifice
B-Alarm, 2011, 120 min
A thriller that takes place during the night
B-Prepared, 2013, 8 min
A Day in the life of a survivalist
B-Team Sports, 2009, 7 min
A fake news network on sports.
B: Black and White, 2009, 73 min
A hunt for a serial killer, in a film noir world.
B. me, 2010, 6 min
B.A.R.S DVD, 2008, 130 min
an insight into whats happening on the streets
B.A.S.E. Tour 2012, 2012, 4 min
BASE Jumping short film
B.f.f., 2008, 15 min
Some kids take rumors too far.
B.f.g., 2008, 20 min
A bullied young man exacts revenge on his tormentors
B.l.u.e, 2010, 20 min
Short film comedy
B.T.K. the Movie, 2012, 82 min
B(r)uut, 2010, 15 min
3 kids and 1 axe murderer