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D & AD Competition Entry, 2009, 3 min
music video set to Pigsy In Space track
D a y s, 2013, 21 min
A representation of the unemployed youth of today, and the 'hangover days' of a group of friends with nothing else to do but live care free lives, coming together in one house to recover on the morning after the night before
D for ________, 2012, 7 min
location: Mumbai, India
Big problems, little solutions..
Children Comedy
D is for Detroit, 2012, 70 min
A mans descent into darkness.
D o u b l e O n e, 2009, 6 min
location: Greater London / UK, United Kingdom
Tango solo danced on sand
D´Morgan, 2009, 10 min
A shortfilm about a dirty bar.
D-Day, 2004, 120 min
location: London, United Kingdom
An epic drama-documentary which begins in Janua...
D-Day: The Ultimate Conflict, 2004, 120 min
location: London, United Kingdom
In the spring of 1944 the Allies chanced the wh...
D-Effects, 2012, 96 min
Psycho Thriller
D-illusion, 2011, 10 min
A phycological thriller
D.A.R.E. "To Resist Drugs and Violence" D.A.R.E. "To Resist Drugs and Violence", 2003, 60 min
location: Philadelphia, PA, United States
Say No To Drugs
Comedy Independent Short
D.I.D: Disassociative Identity Disorder D.I.D: Disassociative Identity Disorder, 2011, 10 min
location: Southampton, United States
The Return of The Repressed
Drama Reality Short
D.i.d. i?, 2014, 10 min
Otty Sanchez has recently been released from psychiatric hospital, with her daughter in her arms. What will she do now?
D.i.n.k.s, 2011, 90 min
D.i.v.a., 2011, 6 min
D/eutschland. I/nspiration. V/irtuality. A/ntje Palka.
D.i.y D.i.y, 2014, 10 min
location: London, United Kingdom
D.I.Y is a story of heartbreak and revenge.
Drama Thriller
D.I.Y Knight, 2009, 90 min
a man struggles with the reality of his life by escaping into medieval fantasy
D.J., 2009, 14 min
What do you expect?
D.l.d.i.m., 2010, 21 min
D.o.e., 2011, 27 min
A detective trying to find out what is happening to a number of college students.