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Caparezza: China Town Caparezza: China Town, 2014, 4 min
Translation: Ink Town
An animated love ballad for ink and writing
Animation Art-house Experimental Foreign Language Music Video
StereoDance StereoDance, 2014, 1 min
location: Budapest, Hungary
The figure of dancer in each frame is a hidden object of stereo image.
Action Animation Art-house Experimental Music Video Musical
Marionette Man Marionette Man, 2012, 4 min
location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Doctor Caligari and Tom Waits love child.
Art-house Comedy Experimental Horror Independent Music Video
Wózek Wózek, 2015, 6 min
Translation: The Cart
location: Łódż, Poland
Half a tonne of water is being pushed through the dark. Failiure awaits.
Adventure Art-house Experimental Fantasy Short Student
Delivery Delivery, 2015, 2 min
location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Delivery is an action oriented by the gesture, using different angles of the same spot.
Experimental Independent
Rif58-59, break the silence Rif58-59, break the silence, 2014, 76 min
Translation: English, frensh, dutsh, arabic, spanish
location: Al Hoceima, Morocco
War rif in 1958-1959
Documentary Historical
Frisky Frisky, 2015, 99 min
location: San Francisco, United States
Two twenty-something women move to San Francisco to chase their career, but end up chasing tail instead.
Comedy Drama Independent Women
The Hebrew Superhero The Hebrew Superhero, 2015, 54 min
location: Tel aviv, Israel
"The Hebrew Superhero" Is a journey into the world of Israeli comics
Unfriended Unfriended, 2015, 82 min
A teenager and her friends become the prey
Kanchana 2 Kanchana 2, 2015, 90 min
Tamil comedy horror
Foreign Language
Mr. X Mr. X, 2015, 90 min
Scifi/Fantasy/Suspense/Thriller‎‎ - Hindi‎
Nanak Shah Fakir Nanak Shah Fakir, 2015, 109 min
Drama‎‎ - Hindi‎
Drama Hindi
Toga Toga, 2015, 2 min
location: Budapest, Hungary
Child's dreams can be evil and only you can decide who is right in this story.
Action Art-house Children Drama Musical Short
Division Division, 2015, 12 min
location: Newport, United Kingdom
Short film involving violence, patriotism, anger and gang culture.
Historical Independent National Short Student Thriller
Zamani beklemek Zamani beklemek, 2014, 13 min
Translation: Waiting for the Time
location: Tarsus, United States
A dream, a poetry...
Drama Short
Razor Razor, 2014, 9 min
location: Belgrade, Serbia
A game of destiny or cosmic justice?
Drawn Drawn, 2015, 6 min
Some lovers are simply drawn to each other, but some are just drawn on paper.
Action Adventure Advertising Art-house Asian Black Comedy
Stripy Stripy, 2015, 333 min
location: Tehran, Iran
Modern times base on Brahm Hangerian Dance No 5.
Animation Comedy Drama Musical
Face of the city Face of the city, 2015, 45 min
location: mumbai, India
documetary about indian writer
Trikut Trikut, 2015, 115 min
Translation: The trio
location: Mumbai, Malvan (Maharashtra), India
Adventure of three kids into the world of the grownups