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J R Hartley, 2012, 3 min
Yellow Pages Advert Competition
J-1, 2013, 10 min
J-12 J-12, 2011, 25 min
location: New York City, United States
How much can you loose and still have something left?
Drama Foreign Language French Independent Romance Short
J. Doe J. Doe, 2011, 6 min
location: Bournemouth, United Kingdom
While lost you find the truth
J. Edgar J. Edgar, 2012, 137 min
biographical drama film of J. Edgar Hoover
Documentary Drama
J.a.c.e. J.a.c.e., 2011, 142 min
location: Athens, Greece
The movie follows Jace's inverted Odyssey in a dark universe of abuse, murder and fear, as he desperately (and silently) seeks for a "family" of his own or, at least, for a sense of belonging
Action Crime Drama
J.a.m.e.s, 2012, 7 min
Silent Sci-fi
J'ai oublie de te dire, 2009, 98 min
Translation: I forgot to tell You
Story of a young girl and an artist painter with the Altsheimer desease
J'etais a Nuremberg, 2010, 90 min
J'étais à Nüremberg, 2010, 90 min
Translation: I Was in Nuremberg
Nuremberg process
J@net Would Be Proud, 2010, 10 min
Friends Forever
Jӓlkiӓ, 2011, 12 min
Short - Drama
Ja, 2010, 90 min
Translation: Yes
Youth Film
Ja05 tbo, 2006, 5 min
Trapped in his car, a man is traveling through time and space.
Animation Experimental Short
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, 2008, 98 min
Indian Bollywood film about Jai and Aditi who are the best of friends. They seem made for each other. Their friends know it, their parents know it... but do they know it? When do you know it's love?
Jaanu, 2013, 136 min
Kannada Action-romance film
Jab Cross Hook, 2013, 10 min
Dark,Violent, Drama.
Jab in the Dark, 2013, 36 min
location: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Short film base on Jab Mollassie
Jab Taak Hai Jan, 2012, 175 min
Translation: As Long as I Live
Jab Tak Hai Jaan Jab Tak Hai Jaan, 2012, 90 min
Bollywood Drama Romance