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The Book of Everything The Book of Everything, 2015, 13 min
A search for meaning in an infinite library ends in tragedy.
Refuge Refuge, 2014, 10 min
Translation: Притулок
location: Kyiv, United States
Life of ukrainian refugees in their temporary home
Children Documentary Independent Short Student War
As if we were somebody else As if we were somebody else, 2015, 2315 min
location: Berlin, United States
Brechtian Teen Drama
Art-house Drama Experimental Foreign Language Independent Short
Rites of Passage Rites of Passage, 2013, 80 min
location: Wollongong, Australia
Rites of Passage is a feature length drama made collaboratively with a group of young people who dive below the surface of their often tough exteriors to reveal what’s going on inside.
Art-house Drama Independent
25 Minutes of a Lifetime 25 Minutes of a Lifetime, 2014, 25 min
location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Restricted Senses
Asian Documentary Experimental Independent Silent Women
The Watcher The Watcher, 2014, 559 min
location: london, United Kingdom
A chase with a mystery antagonist
Action Comedy Independent Short Thriller
Als De Dood Als De Dood, 2015, 23 min
Translation: Like Death
Casper is a hypochondriac and his wife Marleen is fed up with it.
Black Comedy Drama Thriller
Flying Wings Flying Wings, 2014, 2 min
location: Melbourne, Australia
Aeroplane pioneers Anthony Fokker and Hugo Junkers plan to work together.
Animation Historical War
Maze Maze, 2014, 14 min
location: Zaandam, Netherlands
An elderly woman is seeing things. Facts or fiction?
I do harm I do harm, 2015, 15 min
A short film about a dilapidated commune by the sea.
Drama Horror Independent Thriller
The Nocebo Effect The Nocebo Effect, 2014, 935 min
location: London, United Kingdom
Polly arrives to find an elegant idea has not quite gone to plan...
Black Comedy
The Truth Prevails The Truth Prevails, 2015, 5 min
location: Leicester, United Kingdom
strangers at a bus stop
All I have in this World is My Word All I have in this World is My Word, 2014, 1 min
location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Big Hero 6 Big Hero 6, 2017, 108 min
American 3D computer-animated superhero fantasy-comedy film produced by Walt Disney
Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots, 2017, 55 min
brand new adventure of peppa pig
A Most Violent Year A Most Violent Year, 2017, 125 min
crime drama film
Teresa Teresa, 2014, 4 min
Film essay using footage from 'Mean Streets', focusing on the character Teresa.
Experimental Foreign Language Student Women
Leslie Kalifornia Leslie Kalifornia, 2015, 5 min
Leslie Kalifornia (Villainess of the Majestic 12) is on the hunt for the last known vial of LOT SIX
Black Crime Independent Short Thriller
ChatRoulette ChatRoulette, 2013, 252 min
location: London, United Kingdom
One woman's cyber experiment
Art-house Black Comedy Drama Fantasy Short Women
Than Than Gopal Than Than Gopal, 2014, 133 min
Translation: Good For Nothing
location: Mumbai, India
Blind Boy Who Wishes to Paint
Children Comedy Drama