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Alle anderen sind nicht gleich anders. Alle anderen sind nicht gleich anders., 2015, 90 min
Translation: One World - Different People
location: Karlsruhe, Germany
A film about the different faces of racism.
Art-house Documentary Independent
It Follows It Follows, 2017, 106 min
modern horror film
The debt The debt, 2015, 2 min
location: Kiev, Ukraine
Should - give!
Adventure Art-house Children Comedy Independent Short
Como comem os Portugueses a... Como comem os Portugueses a..., 2014, 10 min
Translation: How the Portuguese eat the...
location: Porto, United States
“…White Bread Toast” is the first of a series of a research of video works about Portuguese costumes and habits. It’s a social and an anthropological portrait of generations about the different ways on how we eat certain traditional gastronomies. In what
Documentary Experimental Short
The Meena Show The Meena Show, 2015, 2425 min
location: Lahore, Pakistan
A couple's battle of love with a television set
Adaptation Black Comedy Thriller
A Mecânica fala comigo A Mecânica fala comigo, 2014, 23 min
Translation: Mechanics speaks to me
location: Porto, Portugal
The most common story going around about this man is the one about the camera in the box. It is said that you can disassemble a Leica camera, put all the parts in a box, shake it, and he will reassemble it for you with his eyes closed.
Documentary Experimental Short
Breakdance in Iran Breakdance in Iran, 2014, 45 min
location: London, United Kingdom
We follow 4 youths in Iran as they tell us why they breakdance!
Comedy Documentary Drama Independent
After a While After a While, 2014, 19 min
after a while
Wind Sand and Stars Wind Sand and Stars, 2015, 15 min
location: Istanbul, Turkey
Overlapping echelons of life: a village, a town and a city
Art-house Documentary Experimental Independent
Bwaya Bwaya, 2015, 88 min
Translation: Crocodile
location: Quezon City, Philippines
A crocodile attack on a girl disturbs a community.
In Between the Gutter and the Stars In Between the Gutter and the Stars, 2015, 19 min
location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Quirky, gender-bending love story about finally growing up in middle age.
Comedy Foreign Language Independent Romance Short Silent
John of God the movie John of God the movie, 2014, 86 min
location: Kinshasa, Zaire
John of God is the world's greatest his own mind. When an American film maker is sent to Kinshasa - Congo to do a 'tell all' story about him, his talent is put to the test.
Black Comedy Comedy Foreign Language French Independent
Very Long Play Vinyl Very Long Play Vinyl, 2015, 10 min
A person’s life is accompanied by subtle melodies coming from unknown places, these melodies are few, and all of them could fit on one side of a conventional stereo vinyl...
Art-house Documentary Experimental Independent Music Video Short
Children's Allowance Children's Allowance, 2015, 8 min
location: Cork, Ireland
A routine morning in a courtroom and a sacrifice made.
Crime Drama
Shadow Hill Shadow Hill, 2015, 15 min
Nothing is what it seems when four friends venture on a camping trip in the woods. One finds a portal that unlocks a series of events and inevitably welcomes her recurring nightmares as a reality.
Try Me Try Me, 2015, 90 min
Epic drama/action following similar theme of movie Taken
Action Drama
Yesterday it wasn´t too bad, Mr. Schürmann Yesterday it wasn´t too bad, Mr. Sch..., 2015, 24 min
location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Mr. Schürmann lives in a closed old pepole home, for dementia people.
Dawn Dawn, 2014, 910 min
location: London, United States
A relationship drama with a supernatural subtext
Asian Fantasy Independent Science Fiction Short Student
Thirty Years Ago Thirty Years Ago, 2015, 60 min
location: South Wales valleys, United Kingdom
Thirty years on after the yearlong miners' strike
An unlucky way... to get lucky ! An unlucky way... to get lucky !, 2014, 6 min
location: Paris, France
Bad luck in the city of lights
Comedy Drama French Independent Romance Silent