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Act of Kindness Act of Kindness, 2015, 115 min
location: Ahmedabad, India
Kindness to others
Children Reality Short
Parents Prayer Parents Prayer, 2015, 1302 min
location: Mumbai, India
Voices of children shared by an adult who still have heart like a child
Children Documentary Independent Short
Open your arms Open your arms, 2015, 930 min
location: Chennai, India
The ancient secret of body language
Documentary Short
Hosay Cedros – Uniting a Diaspora Hosay Cedros – Uniting a Diaspora, 2012, 73 min
location: Cedros Village, Trinidad and Tobago
After 170 years of indentureship, the annual Muharram ritual unites the Indian diaspora in Trinidad.
Documentary Historical National Religious
Troubled Water Troubled Water, 2014, 39 min
location: kathamdun, Nepal
water problem in kathmandu capital city in Nepal.
Asian Documentary
Flavia Flavia, 2015, 8 min
location: Paris, France
Flavia, a young single mother, deals with daily life issues in France, her host country, in order to raise her beloved son Fernando.
Children Comedy Drama Short Women
Coupé!Une Histoire Décalée Coupé!Une Histoire Décalée, 2015, 95 min
Translation: Coupé!The Music that silenced the guns
location: Paris, United States
Armed with computers and music programming software, Ivorian Diaspora decided to use the healing power of music to ease the pain of their people...They made Coupé Décalé.
Black Documentary Independent Music Video Reality War
Sintoma de Ausência Sintoma de Ausência, 2015, 14 min
Translation: Absence
Silence one answers
Drama Foreign Language Independent Reality Short Women
Ley de murphy Ley de murphy, 2015, 8 min
Translation: Murphy's Law
location: Caguas, United States
Nadie pensó en qué hacer si la maquina se hundiera en el mar.
Drama Independent Science Fiction Short
Marrying an Ice Cream Factory Marrying an Ice Cream Factory, 2015, 71 min
location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Poor Romeo marries rich Juliet
Documentary Independent Jewish Women
Crossing a river, losing a self Crossing a river, losing a self, 2015, 1235 min
location: Varanasi, India
A guru followed by 8 disciples is making a pilgrimage to Kashi. In order to reach the sacred city, they must cross a treacherous river.
Adaptation Black Comedy Children Comedy Experimental Hindi
Polybag add Polybag add, 2015, 4 min
Translation: Silent
location: Agra, India
this film is based on polybad its harmful for our environment
Adventure Advertising Bollywood Children Drama Experimental
Give Sheep a Chance Give Sheep a Chance, 2013, 7 min
location: Melbourne, Australia
A young girl wakes up one morning to find that her pet sheep has died.
Black Comedy Children Fantasy Short
Muhazir Muhazir, 2015, 34 min
Translation: The Refugee
location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Based on a true story about Afghan Refugees in Iran
Asian Drama Experimental Foreign Language Independent Short
Entremanos Entremanos, 2015, 1 min
Translation: On our hands
location: Buenos Aires, United States
A love story told by hands.
Drama Independent Romance Short
Nocas mi srce pati Nocas mi srce pati, 2014, 17 min
Translation: My soul hurts tonight
location: Belgrade, Serbia
A man released from prison is trying to continue his life as it was, but soon he realizes that everything changed except him.
Drama Short Student
Watermelon Watermelon, 2015, 8 min
location: Mumbai, United States
A victim turned killer
Black Crime Drama Experimental Hindi Short
1000 clicks 1000 clicks, 2014, 5 min
location: bangalore, United States
A journey of a photographer through emotions
The Girl Behind Nirvana The Girl Behind Nirvana, 2015, 78 min
Kurt Cobain was in love.... enough to die for it.
No water No water, 2015, 5 min
location: Athens, Greece
Documentation of urban intervention/performance
Documentary Short