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M for Magnet, The ABCs of Horror, 2013, 5 min
Entry for the ABCs of Horror film competition
M is for Machinations, 2013, 4 min
Short Film
M is for Magic (aka The Great Savini), 2013, 3 min
The perils facing an untrained magician's assistant
M is for Malthusianism, 2014, 3 min
Mothers always have little problems with their children. Especially with what they like to eat and what not.
M is for Meat, 2013, 3 min
A burgler gets more than he bargained for
M is for Mental Image, 2013, 3 min
Haunted by guilt.
M is for Merry Christmas, 2013, 3 min
Short for the ABC's of Death Film Competition
M is for Missing, 2013, 5 min
Sinister short film
M is for Mortician, 2013, 2 min
Entry for the ABCs of Death 2 competition
M is for Mutation, 2013, 5 min
A doctor's experiment makes an unexpected development
M is for My Name Is, 2013, 3 min
A drug addict attempts to get clean with an odd crowd
M; Un tren dalt d'un pont, 2011, 90 min
M.35461, 2013, 17 min
In a world in which clones are grown and their organs harvested legally, how far can we test the limits of science?
M.a.d, 2009, 14 min
Two fools try to escape Nuclear Annihilation foolishly.
M.A.D - Mad About Dance, 2014, 2 min
Bollywood Street Dance Movie
M.E. viral, 2010, 4 min
Film to promote awareness of ME
M.I.5, 2009, 120 min
James Bond On a Budget
M.i.s.p.e.r., 2012, 5 min
Short film based on police attending an accident scene.
M.o.d., 2014, 15 min
A guy tried to commit suicide
M.t.t.f.r., 2010, 20 min
Urban racial topic.