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The Tenants The Tenants, 2015, 8 min
location: Gordon, Australia
A new house, new tenants.
Horror Thriller
The Drug Tours The Drug Tours, 2015, 150 min
location: portsmouth, United Kingdom
Five Dealers, Two Hours, One Shot. Welcome to the drug tours!
Black Comedy Comedy Drama
Knock Knock Knock Knock, 2015, 8 min
location: Sydney, Australia
A knock on the door... A knock on the door
Horror Thriller
An Opening in the Clouds An Opening in the Clouds, 2013, 47 min
The history of David McIntyre, the first man to fly over Mount Everest, and his gift to the world: Prestwick Airport.
Documentary Historical Independent War
Extreme Homes Extreme Homes, 2014, 1 min
Close up view of some of the world's most unusual homes.
Documentary Reality
Valiyavan Valiyavan, 2015, 90 min
Tamil film written and directed by M. Saravanan
Foreign Language
Life on water Life on water, 2015, 11 min
location: Leeds, United Kingdom
A chatolic priest decide to live on a house boat after returning to the Uk after 20 years.
Adventure Documentary Musical Reality Religious Student
Å være ung Å være ung, 2014, 11 min
Translation: Being young
location: Bergen, Norway
Lars is caught up in a moment of his life where nothing makes sense, and has to figure out how to move on from there.
Drama Short
The Martyr The Martyr, 2015, 10 min
location: Manchester, United Kingdom
MI5 Agent Laura Kent explains her actions to an internal inquiry in the aftermath of a major terrorism incident.
Drama Independent Short Thriller
Journey to the Olympus Journey to the Olympus, 2014, 6 min
The film has two story lines. The first one shows life on Mount Olympus. The second story line is about the journey of a small ship to Olympus.
Action Adventure Animation Art-house Children Experimental
Ed & Shoeldaer Ed & Shoeldaer, 2014, 2034 min
The first capillary Western in the history of cinema!
8:15 pm 8:15 pm, 2015, 20 min
location: Delhi, Kolkata, Dehradun, India
One lie, if repeated enough times, may just be believed.
Drama Experimental Hindi Independent Short Thriller
Within Within, 2015, 3 min
location: Porto, Portugal
A dancer loses her rhythm.
Animation Experimental Independent Short Student Women
Frame Frame, 2015, 7 min
location: İstanbul, Turkey
A girl,whose decisions are already made for her and her future.
Drama Experimental Foreign Language Independent Short Student
Simply as a human being Simply as a human being, 2014, 2827 min
location: Lodz, Poland
- “The war was present in our home, during my childhood there was a lot of talk about it. And now as an adult person I deal with this subject. I must say that I feel guilty. I am not guilty myself, but this feeling is with me and that’s why I would like t
Documentary Historical Independent Reality War
Coffee Coffee, 2015, 14 min
location: Howrah, India
Story revolves around a regular live in couple
My life's call My life's call, 2014, 20 min
location: bangalore, United States
A 20 min short film on IT lay off and it's aftermath...
Octopus Octopus, 2015, 25 min
location: Tokyo, Japan
Squid have 10 legs. Octopuses have 8 legs. Added together, that’s 18 legs.
Campaign Campaign, 2015, 8 min
location: Tehran, United States
Campaign, demonstration, fundraising, they all serve as an opportunity or cause for helping!
Asian Experimental Foreign Language Independent Reality Short
My wonderful world My wonderful world, 2015, 3 min
location: Cairo, Egypt
my world as i see it
Documentary Drama Independent National Short