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T, 2011, 15 min
teacher accused of misconduct
T for Three, 2009, 20 min
Journey to festival
T h e F a l l i n g, 2006, 15 min
T h e F a l l i n g In conversation with another, crime novelist Christian Falls begins a pat...
T h e w a t c h T h e w a t c h, 2014, 1 min
location: Huntington, IN, United States
Adam comes home to find his birthday gift from his girlfriend Catherine.
Independent Short Student
T in the Park, 2010, 90 min
Rom-Com filmed completely at T in the Park 2010
T is for Tiles, 2011, 4 min
Creepy short
T is for Tokophobia, 2011, 4 min
Short Horror film
T r a n c e, 2012, 15 min
A socially inept man finds himself conflicted when his work ends with him realizing a romance he never pursued: His coworker’s wife.
T´adhib, 2013, 14 min
Drama, Biography
T-Time, 2013, 25 min
A man struggles with his Tourettes Syndrome
T. Bear, 2013, 11 min
Do you ever stop needing your teddy? Does your teddy ever stop needing you?
T. D dasan Standard 6 B T. D dasan Standard 6 B, 2010, 98 min
location: Kochi, India
Fiction and Reality
Asian Bollywood Children Drama Foreign Language Reality
T.e.a.r. T.e.a.r., 2014, 5 min
location: Manchester, United States
An experimental short film exploring the effect of violent clashes on a young couple as fighting makes its way to their doorstep.
Experimental Independent Short Thriller War
T.l.e, 2013, 30 min
Sci fi Cyber Action film
T.o.m, 2012, 15 min
A quirky, fun story about a young man's quest to woo the girl of his dreams.
T.o.m., 0, 3 min
location: London, United Kingdom
The journey of a young boy.
T.V. Guide, 2010, 3 min
A man is in love with the girl on TV.
T*a*s*h, 2013, 1 min
Two soldiers, One Moustache
Tōkyō Andāguraundo, 2008, 10 min
A deadly gas attack on Tokyo.
Tűzvonalban, 2012, 50 min
Translation: In the Line of Fire
Crime in Hungary