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Kurung Manuk Kurung Manuk, 2015, 112 min
Translation: Manuk's Cage
Sigit Pradityo
location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Kurung Manuk is Sigit Pradityo first feature film an Indonesian low fi, surreal film
Art-house Asian Comedy Crime Experimental Fantasy
Offline Offline, 2014, 8 min
Mm Shawn
location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
He has dream but all of this "OFFLINE".
Perfect Hotel Perfect Hotel, 2015, 19 min
Valentina Maurel
location: Hanoi, Vietnam
To wander in Hanoi searching for a hotel where to sleep.
Boiling under the lid Boiling under the lid, 2015, 28 min
Abhijit Dasgupta
location: Haryana, India
Women - a mere commodity
Documentary National Women
Terminal Terminal, 2015, 7 min
Humayun Mirza Humayun Mirza
location: London, United Kingdom
A father and son share a traumatic goodbye.
Art-house Drama
A vida alheia. A vida alheia., 2015, 3 min
Translation: The lives of others.
Mariana Nascimento Mariana Nascimento
Short documentary on the high rise and maids in São Paulo, Brazil.
Comedy Documentary Foreign Language Student Women
Tide Tide, 2015, 13 min
Thomas Garrett Thomas Garrett
location: Southampton, International
Four People scared of the sea tell their stories in this short documentary.
Documentary Drama Independent Reality Thriller
The last sumerian The last sumerian, 2015, 32 min
Jassim Mohammed Jassim
location: Baghdad, Iraq
The challenge of disability
Seni Seni, 2015, 3 min
Ajit Giri Sujata Giri
location: Guwahati, India
a kid makes a unique friendship with an ant, while in the process both realise the importance of liberty.
Asian Children Drama Short
SuperMum SuperMum, 2015, 3 min
Lisa Gifford Elisar Cabrera, Lisa Gifford
location: London, United Kingdom
amantha is an average mum. Or at least she likes to think so, but her career makes her stand out. Samantha is a superhero.
Comedy Gay and Lesbian Independent Science Fiction Short Women
Inventor Inventor, 2015, 217 min
Irina Frederika Tarvida
location: Tallinn, Estonia
A young man works on a new invention- a sock-drying toaster.
Short Student
Father and Boy Father and Boy, 2015, 10 min
Evgeny Sinelnikov, James Westbrook Filippo Polesel
location: London, United Kingdom
A 12 year-old boy trying to get reunited to his father after he divorced his wife.
Children Drama Independent Short
Singh is Bling Singh is Bling, 2015, 90 min
Prabhu Deva
2015 ‧ Drama film/Bollywood
Sicario Sicario, 2015, 90 min
Denis Villeneuve
taut, tightly wound thriller
Hotel Transylvania 2 Hotel Transylvania 2, 2015, 89 min
Genndy Tartakovsky
features the voices of Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Steve Buscemi
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, 2015, 90 min
Francis Lawrence
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2
Oceano Oceano, 2013, 3 min
Translation: Ocean
Alejandro Melero Susana Gómez
location: El Palmar, Spain
Surf Fashion Film
Advertising Experimental Foreign Language Independent Short Sport
MÃe de giz MÃe de giz, 2015, 544 min
Translation: chalk mother
almir correia lia correia
location: Curitiba, Brazil
CHALK MOTHER - a little girl draws his dead mother body on the ground to feel her
Towards a Militant Conceptualism Towards a Militant Conceptualism, 2013, 13 min
Seemab Gul
location: London, United Kingdom
Towards a Militant Conceptualism is a short hybrid film dealing with the political capacity of art in the contemporary world.
Asian Drama Reality Short Women
Ortho Ortho, 2015, 2127 min
Nathalie Sartiaux
location: Namur, Belgium
Un documentaire animé onirique, illustrant quelques-unes des situations auxquelles sont confrontés les enfants dyslexiques.
Animation Children Documentary Short