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O Dez, 2010, 100 min
Translation: Ten
Ten coins were cursed hundreds of years ago
O Dusky Beauty Of Mine, 2011, 6 min
A beautiful wrong filmed with menace.
O Espinho Da Rosa O Espinho Da Rosa, 2012, 85 min
Translation: The Thorn of the Rose
location: Guiné-Bissau, United Kingdom
Suspense/ghost story
O Fatalista, 2005, 99 min
New version of Diderot work
O Filho da Mãe, 2013, 10 min
Translation: A Mother's Son
A mother, her son and an ice cream.
O Grande Kilapy, 2011, 90 min
O Grande Kilapy, 2012, 100 min
Translation: The Big Kilapy
epic about Angola
O gringo, 2011, 90 min
Brazillian soccer star playing at the age of 38
O Homem que Desafiou o Diabo, 2007, 106 min
Translation: The Man Who Challenged the Devil
Regional brazilian comedy
O Jerusalem, 2009, 120 min
location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
A tale of friendship between two men, one Jewish and the other Arab, as the state of Israel is being created.
O Lago, 2008, 31 min
Translation: The Lake
Two friends embark on a journey towards the lake, towards themselves.
O Lugar do Abandono O Lugar do Abandono, 2012, 7 min
Translation: The Place Of Abandonment
location: Covilhã, Portugal
The film intends to show in three chapters the life path of a factory building after their inactivity.
O m g, 2010, 5 min
Mockumentary about a plastic gangsta
O máis rico (do cemiterio) O máis rico (do cemiterio), 2008, 12 min
Translation: O Máis Rico
location: Pontevedra, Spain
Rafael uses the notes and the telephonic guides to steal.
Independent Thriller
O Menino no Espelho, 2013, 80 min
The Boy in The Mirror
O Método, 2013, 20 min
Translation: The Method
Maria, an actress, gets home and won't be going back out.
O meu primeiro fado, 2012, 12 min
Translation: My first fado
a true story of a little girl who lived in the dictatorship period of Salazar
O meu primeiro fado, 2013, 12 min
a true story of a little girl who lived in the dictatorship period of Salazar
O que é a Comunicação, 2010, 2 min
Translation: What is the Communication?
Two minutes short movie about how is the Communication today.
O Sapateiro, 2011, 9 min
Translation: The Shoemaker
An old shoemaker tries to make the balance of his life.