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Teresa Teresa, 2014, 4 min
Film essay using footage from 'Mean Streets', focusing on the character Teresa.
Experimental Foreign Language Student Women
Leslie Kalifornia Leslie Kalifornia, 2015, 5 min
Leslie Kalifornia (Villainess of the Majestic 12) is on the hunt for the last known vial of LOT SIX
Black Crime Independent Short Thriller
ChatRoulette ChatRoulette, 2013, 252 min
location: London, United Kingdom
One woman's cyber experiment
Art-house Black Comedy Drama Fantasy Short Women
Than Than Gopal Than Than Gopal, 2014, 133 min
Translation: Good For Nothing
location: Mumbai, India
Blind Boy Who Wishes to Paint
Children Comedy Drama
Holidays Holidays, 2015, 15 min
Bahar and his husband Babak are going on Holidays tomorrow morning. Clarice is the former Babak`s fiancee.
Horror Short
Mirrorboy Mirrorboy, 2014, 7 min
Offbeat Comedy Music Short
Art-house Comedy Music Video Short
Marine Drive Marine Drive, 2014, 241 min
location: hyderabad, India
The adventure begins when the Marine (girl) who just throws banana peel on road and this leads to chain reaction, saying a message in an adventures way "Give the best of you to the world, the world will give best of its back to you".
Adventure Animation Short
Sobre la misma tierra Sobre la misma tierra, 2011, 76 min
Translation: On the same land
location: Sur de Bolívar, Cali, Colombia
On the same land is the story of four stories that are actually a single one: Colombia
Documentary Drama Foreign Language
El Hombre y la Música El Hombre y la Música, 2013, 50 min
Translation: A man and his music
location: Madrid, United States
Antón García Abril, the genius, the composer, the man
Documentary Foreign Language
El talento de las moscas El talento de las moscas, 2007, 16 min
Translation: The talent of flies
location: Monegros, Spain
Summer of 1944. Antoine de St Exupéry, man, pilot, writter. A parachute, a garden, a woman, a child. A love story in a war days. One flight. One doubt. One decision.
Adaptation Drama Fantasy Historical Romance Short
Tak Tak, 2015, 219 min
location: mumbai, India
short film on save trees Shot in Turkey
Short Student
Cnn report Cnn report, 2013, 10 min
Interview BLEONA by Peter DEREK Cannes Film Festival
Complete Complete, 2013, 340 min
location: Los Angeles, United States
The missing piece to complete the picture is always Love.
Music Video Musical
Voh jo ud gaya Voh jo ud gaya, 2014, 814 min
Translation: One who flew away
location: Durg, India
Schools are the nurseries of first rebels
Art-house Children Hindi Short
Keys, Money, Phone Keys, Money, Phone, 2014, 1854 min
location: Cape Town, South Africa
A Total Mare...
Black Comedy Drama Short
Trauma Trauma, 2014, 1640 min
Two person with apparently differents live style.
Ujantali Ujantali, 2014, 26 min
Translation: Ebby Tune
location: Burdwan, India
Homeland Memories
Art-house Asian Drama Short
未夠秤 未夠秤, 2014, 97 min
Translation: Lessons in Dissent
location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
A visceral portrait of a new generation of Hong Kong democracy activists.
Documentary Independent
Heart of Perception Heart of Perception, 2012, 15 min
location: Toronto, Canada
Daughter trying to connect with homeless father
זרה זרה, 2015, 345 min
Translation: sranger
location: tirat carmel, Israel
I am distancing myself from the person I want to be and from the way I want to live my life. I have become a stranger.
Art-house Drama Independent Short Silent Women