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Slow West Slow West, 2015, 90 min
Mysterious and murderous Silas (Michael Fassbender) helps a lovelorn young
Holiday Holiday, 2015, 3 min
location: manama, United States
Children Student
Let Me Rise Let Me Rise, 2014, 429 min
location: new delhi, India
Child Rights in India
Cape flats smile Cape flats smile, 2014, 58 min
location: Cape Town, South Africa
The phenomenon of Capetonian tooth extraction unravelled
The C word The C word, 2015, 14 min
location: Mumbai, India
A Man defeats cancer and killed by Greedy businessman.
Asian Bollywood Drama Experimental Hindi Short
Crabzilla Crabzilla, 2015, 1 min
location: Whitstable, United Kingdom
Giant crab, known as Crabzilla surfaces off the Kent coast.
Keystone Keystone, 2015, 15 min
location: St. John's, Canada
A film about memory, love and what to remember.
Drama Science Fiction Short
Tooth Tooth, 2015, 8 min
location: Temecula, United States
A simple tooth ache takes a turn for the worse.
Short Thriller
Bari theke paliye Bari theke paliye, 2015, 118 min
Translation: Fleckd away frome home
location: kolkata, India
baban. 10 years age.he could not endure his mothers over ambitious attitude and flecked away from home.
A half a whole A half a whole, 2015, 4 min
location: Lucknow, India
a surreal thriller
Art-house Experimental Short Silent
Thomas & Friends: Sodors Legend of the Lost Treasure Thomas & Friends: Sodors Legend of th..., 2015, 60 min
The second 2015 Thomas and Friends special.
Fallen for nirvana Fallen for nirvana, 2015, 13 min
location: New Delhi, India
Christian and Nirvana romantic thriller
Drama Independent Musical Romance Short Thriller
A Tragic Love in Galata A Tragic Love in Galata, 2015, 820 min
Translation: Tr eng
location: Istanbul, Turkey
a fantastic love story about symbols of Istanbul
Documentary Romance
Murphy's Law Murphy's Law, 2015, 1715 min
location: Los Angeles, United States
A suicide negotiator fails at his job with dark and hilarious consequences.
Black Comedy
Off_line Off_line, 2014, 36 min
location: Havana, Cuba
Today`s situation of the human right to information and of access to internet in Cuba
Documentary Independent
The Break In The Break In, 2015, 22 min
location: Nesconset Long Island, United States
Kristy wanted to have a nice romantic night with her boyfriend Nate, however things take a turn for the worse when an unexpected visitor decides to break in.
Action Drama Horror Independent Thriller
IrIs 2.0 IrIs 2.0, 2015, 2 min
location: Berlin, United States
Originally she is called Lucretia, but I call her IrIs - scanned and beautified in the name of a new religion.
Animation Experimental Short
Imminent Threat Imminent Threat, 2015, 73 min
location: Los Angeles, United States
War on Terror doc
Historical War
Para los Amigos Para los Amigos, 2014, 19 min
Translation: Dear Friends
location: Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
A group of teenage friends spend a fun afternoon at a cemetery, or so it seems.
Black Comedy Drama Foreign Language Independent Short Student
What Time is it in Iran Right Now? What Time is it in Iran Right Now?, 2014, 10 min
location: toronto, Canada
Suffering from Alzheimer, Jamshid, an elderly Iranian immigrant living in Toronto, finds himself lost and dislocated in time, as his friends at a Senior's Club arrange a surprise birthday party for him.