The Sons of Eilaboun

Film Details The Sons of Eilaboun
Plot Summary A story of a small Palestinian village, that tells the tale of a nation.
On October 30, 1948, the Israeli Army marched into the northern Galilee village of Eilaboun. My uncle Badia and 17 other men from the village, who had been hiding with the rest of the village in two churches, were marched to the village square. The rest of the village residents were marched out of the village to the Lebanese border. 12 men of the chosen men in the square were massacred.
Even now more than fifty years later my father cannot recall the incidents of that day without sobbing. He not only lost his brother, but he, and everyone in his village became refugees. When they finally returned to their village, they scarcely recognized it. Everything of value had been looted. What the soldiers could not carry off they destroyed.
The story of Eilaboun was repeated hundreds of times across the land that today is called Israel. The killing of these villages was a tactic that was spelled out in a plan called Plan Dalet developed by the high command of the Israeli Army to rid the future State of Israel of its Arab inhabitants.
The story is told through the mouths of the men and women who witnessed the atrocities committed on that fall day in 1948.
Director Hisham Zreiq
Producer Hisham Zreiq
Writer Hisham Zreiq
Genres Documentary, Historical
Year 2007
Status finished
Running time 23 minutes
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Production Company Hisham Zreiq
Location Eilaboun, Israel
Website website
Known Cast cast
Herself: Anise Zreiq
Himself: Salem Zreiq
Himself: Ilan Pappe
Himself: Botros Matta
Known Crew crew
Director, Producer, writer: Hisham Zreiq
DOP: Amir Rishpon
Sound Mixer: Jack Deek
Sound Mixer: Fady Copty