Pedaling to Freedom

Film Details Pedaling to Freedom
Plot Summary Even a bicycle can dramatically change lives.
In one of the poorest parts of the world, 230,000 people learnt to read and write. Over 100,000 women learnt to cycle. Wages jumped up 1000% It happened in the space of just one year and cost Rs. 65 (less than one and a half dollars) per person! This is their story.
Director Vijay Jodha
Genres Documentary
Year 2007
Status finished
Running time 28 minutes
Production Company PSBT & Prasar bharati Corporation
Location Pudukkottai, India
Clip view clip
Financial Overview Public Service Broadacasting Trust
Prasar Bharati Corporation (India)
Budget Under U.S. $10,000
Known Cast cast
No known cast
Known Crew crew
Camera: Sanjay Agrawal
Director: Vijay Jodha
Producer & Commissioning Editor:: Rajiv Mehrotra
Research, Script & Editor: Vijay jodha
Sound: R. Elangovan
Festival Submissions festival
2007, screened
Open Frame