Film Details Yaalini
Plot Summary Yaalini, a Srilankan Tamil woman, wants to leave her war torn country but her husband wants to stay back.
Yaalini, a Srilankan Tamil woman, is in a dark room seated opposite to an unknown woman who is asking her questions. Yaalini is concerned about her infant child and reckons that the army would abduct her child from her anytime. Yaalini and her husband, Panan, live in an isolated beach in Northeastern borders of Srilanka. Panan, a boatman, helps refugees coming to the beach, fleeing from the ethnic war, by taking them to India on his boat. One day, Yaalini encounters an army man in the isolated beach. But Panan and the refugees feel that she is hallucinating. Yaalini wants to leave the beach immediately as she is concerned about her baby. But Panan wants to stay back and help as many people as possible. Will she be able to save the baby? or was she in fact hallucinating about an army man stalking her? Panan thinks that it is safe enough for a small family on a beach and since he is the only one with a boat on the isolated coastal area, he wants to stay back and help as many refugees as possible. But Yaalini wants to leave the island as she believes that the army is closing in. But for this Yaalini has to make the unknown woman in the dark room to convince Panan, her husband, to change his mind. But the real problem is that Yaalini can't find her baby anywhere on the beach. She now has to find her lost baby.
Director Anand MS
Genres Asian, Drama, Foreign Language, Short, War, Women
Year 2010
Status finished
Running time 23 minutes
Production Company Mystic Films
Location Tamilnadu, India
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Known Cast cast
Panan: Charles Raj Mitchell
Uma: Bijili Rajiv
Yaalini: Mayuri Charles Raj
Known Crew crew
Cinematographer: Nagarajan EK
Director: Anand MS
Editor: Muthu Raj M
Music: Susanna S