Fade Into Me

Film Details Fade Into Me
Plot Summary Sarah grieves over the loss of her husband who returns when she tries to take her own life.
Sarah waits for her husband, Eric, who is late for their special dinner. Sarah can't reach me and later discovers on the News that he was involved in a card accident. She is later consumed with grief and his memory (through multiple scenes) and tries to commit suicide. While Sarah is passed out during her attempt, Eric is awoken from his death and visits her. They meet in a grove and dance like they did when first met. Paramedics wake Sarah up and Eric must say Goodbye to her. Sarah does not want to go. In a few months, we see her reviewing old photos as her tummy is swelled with their baby. The film uses many special effects with color and transitions, creating a moving, emotional effect.
Producer Chuck Garduno Jr., Juan Escobedo
Genres Drama, Independent, Romance, Short, Silent, Women
Year 2008
Status finished
Running time 8 minutes
Production Company PPZ Productions
Location California, United States
Budget $400
Known Cast cast
Dance Instructor: Rowan Hawthorn
Director: Anthony Hunt
Doctor: Chuck Sr
EMT #1: Martin Thomas
EMT#2: Chuck Garduno Jr.
Erci's Friend: Rob Hawthorn
Eric: Juan Escobedo
Eric (Supporting): Juan Escobido
Mortician: Steve Dominik
Paramedic #1: Tom Massey
paramedic #2: Chuck Jr
Police Officer: Chuck Garduno Sr.
Sara's Friend: Jessica Due
Sarah: Kaira .
Known Crew crew
Co-writer: Rob Hawthorn
Co-writer: Marque Laws
Head Writer: Tom Massey
Producer: Chuck Garduno Jr.
Producer: Juan Escobedo