Knotty Boy

Film Details Knotty Boy
Plot Summary A tasteful look at one man's fascination with rope.
Rik realized at a young age that he had a fascination with the fetish-kinky, which was not so much accepted by his English-German parents. Never the less, the world around him needed to be explored. At the age of 16, with his first car and a girlfriend, he had the freedom needed to find out more.

Now a successful business man Rik is free to explore his desires with his long term friend and mistress Samantha Grace
Producer Chelsea Downs
Genres Documentary, Gay and Lesbian, Reality, Short, Women
Year 2011
Status finished
Running time 10 minutes
Location New York, United States
Known Cast cast
Rik: Rik Knotty
Self: Samantha Grace
Known Crew crew
Producer: Chelsea Downs