The Opening Night

Film Details The Opening Night
Plot Summary A tale of first love and loss, played out upon a stage.
It's the opening night of a new musical, and backstage life is buzzing for everyone except Marianne, the young female lead. She is lost in her own thoughts, and faces a tough decision - should she tell the male lead, Dorian, that she is in love with him - or are his feelings merely part of the performance?
A visual homage to the theatre and a love note to youth by indie filmmaker Sophie Black.
Director Sophie Black
Writer Sophie Black
Genres Independent, Romance, Short, Student
Year 2010
Status finished
Running time 5 minutes
Production Company Triskelle Pictures / UCA Farnham
Location Belper, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Budget £500 approx
Video Clips clip
Title: The Opening Night
Standard Clip
Title: The Opening Night Trailer
Dimension: 1280 x 720
Running time: 31 seconds
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Known Cast cast
Dorian: Edward McBride III
Marianne: Lucy Hagan-Walker
Known Crew crew
1st Assistant Director: James Reader
Cinematographer, original song (lyrics): Emmaalouise Smith
Costume & Set Design, Director, Writer: Sophie Black
Editor, lighting assistant: Laura Brimley
Restoration by: Richard Winter
Sound: Jesse Tadini Rybolt