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Girls Night Girls Night, 2017, 14 min
David Teixeira David Teixeira David Teixeira
Bordeaux, France
Slumber party mixed with urban legend
Horror Thriller
The Cracker Jack Ring The Cracker Jack Ring, 2017, 2 min
Kevin McGuiness Kevin McGuiness
St. Catharines, Canada
The story of how my maternal grandparents met during the Second World War.
Animation Documentary
Psychopath 2.0 Psychopath 2.0, 2017, 9 min
Akash nitinchandra Akash nitinchandra
Pune, India
The story of psycho killer
Kiarostami's Classroom Kiarostami's Classroom, 2017, 3 min
Mohammad Reza Khavari Mohammad Reza Khavari
Kiarostami's Class
Educational Experimental Short Student
Miss kaalu Miss kaalu, 2017, 30 min
Naresh Babu Naresh Babu
Bangalore, India
Vikrams Proposal with two Lead heroines
Drama Family Romance Short
Kashmakash Kashmakash, 2017, 3 min
Translation: Dillema
Subhankar Mandal Navneet Kumar
Jamshedpur, India
Sacrifice of a girl
Children Drama Educational Family Reality Short
Un tipo apresurado Un tipo apresurado, 2017, 1 min
Translation: A man in a hurry
Alejandro Montecatine Alejandro Montecatine Alejandro Montecatine
Málaga, Spain
A guy is in a hurry and runs.
Comedy Foreign Language Short
Origin of Hospice Origin of Hospice, 2017, 3 min
Sudha Kongara Sethuraman Gurushankar
Madurai, India
Cure through Love
Advertising Short
Blakemere Blakemere, 2017, 25 min
Philip Kempson Philip Kempson
Leek Moorlands, North Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Joshua accuses Laura of being a witch.
Drama Historical Independent Period
Lili VonSchtupp: The Bumps and Grinds of Burlesque Lili VonSchtupp: The Bumps and Grinds..., 2017, 4 min
Heather Henderson Alyssa Hall, Emery Emery, Heather Henderson
Los Angeles, International
Being a burlesque show producer comes with it's ups and downs.
Documentary Independent Student Women
Conquistadors Conquistadors, 2017, 25 min
Malcolm Shaw Barbara Whitmer, Malcolm Shaw
San Diego, United States
A man facing an untimely death is forced to confront the pain that he caused during his life.
Adaptation Drama Experimental Independent Short Women
Mazwara Mazwara, 2017, 13 min
Youssef Elkharroufi saida ibrahimi
Rabat, Morocco
Le drame d'un viole d'une petite fille appeler mazwara
Children Crime Drama Educational Family Reality
Daughter of God Daughter of God, 2017, 8 min
Manjit Singh Gill Manjit Singh Gill
Ludhiana, India
A man who is going to kill His girl child to get a boy by the words of A fake Saint. But love of Daughter turns His decision.
The Men With No Name The Men With No Name, 2017, 5 min
Kee Ramsorrun Kee Ramsorrun Kee Ramsorrun
London, United Kingdom
A comedy western about identity issues.
Stranger Guests Stranger Guests, 2017, 2 min
Jack Eagen Arika Cullen, Ken Hanenberg
Every good deed earns it's reward... kinda.
Fugazi Fugazi, 2017, 29 min
Laurent Michelet Jonathan Hazan
Bruxelles, Belgium
2039: ADELE has been working for more than three years on ORBIT DEFENCE, a space station in charge of Earth's security using drone pilots.
Science Fiction
Routine interupted Routine interupted, 2017, 6 min
Paul desimone Paul desimone Paul desimone
Danvers, United States
A trip into the mind of our daily regimen
Drama Experimental Short Thriller
0.1 @Overdose 0.1 @Overdose, 2017, 11 min
saif baidya saif saif baidya saif saif baidya saif
new delhi, India
0.1 @overdose
Experimental Ghost Horror Short Student Thriller
Right Path Foundation - AdFilm Right Path Foundation - AdFilm, 2017, 3 min
Anmol Bhotika Aakankshit Kar
Pune, India
Terrorism Awareness Campaign
Advertising Crime Drama Educational Experimental
아빠 아빠, 2017, 75 min
Translation: Dad
Nicolas Mileli Nicolas Mileli
Seoul, Korea
The everyday life of the middle schooler Danbi
Asian Drama Foreign Language Independent Student Teen


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