Hisham Zreiq, Erlangen, Germany


About Hisham
My name is Hisham Zreiq (Arabic: هشام زريق‎, born in 1968), also spelled Zrake, I am an award wining Palestinian film director and visual artist. I was one of the first Palestinian computer artists in the world: I started creating computer art in 1994, and in 1996 started exhibiting my work in galleries and museums. In 2007 I filmed my first documentary, titled The Sons of Eilaboun, and in 2008 I filmed a short film called Just another day, dealing with the life of Arabs living in western world after September 11 terror attacks.

Crew involvement
Director, Producer, Writer
2011 Before you is the sea
Director, Producer, Writer
2009 Just Another Day
Director, Producer, writer
2007 The Sons of Eilaboun