Y.P. Singh, Mumbai, India


About Y.P.
Y.P. Singh was an officer of Indian Police Service, 1985 Batch of Maharashtra Cadre. Born in the year 1959, he has had one of the stormiest careers. The travails he went through could turn nightmarish to many an officer in services.
In his tumultuous service he worked at various places including that in the district Police, Food and Drugs Administration, CBI and the Reserve Police.
Right from day one the mission of Y.P. Singh was to hit at the corruption at the highest levels, where such acts are camouflaged in technicalities of the cases, remoteness of the events and the aura of authority. In the process, he developed unprecedented skills to crack toughest of economically complicated cases.
Having known his sharp skills and unflinching resolutions, among the people in authority he would always be in conflict with such powerful people. As the acrimonies and opposition within the organisation of government increased against him, he found it impossible to perform optimally. As such, he quit the police force, and continued with his mission through legal activism, whereby he is contributing much more to the society.
In addition Y.P. Singh has made a reality film based on his novel Carnage by Angels – the aim of which is to let everyone realise the gory effects of corruption in an emotional manner so that the may reform themselves and the Society may hate the corrupt much more intensely.
Current Works:
 Practising as an Advocate in Mumbai handling large number of technically-complicated cases.
 Providing services to several NGOs to fight major issues related to corruption.
 Lecturing frequently on issues related to law, corruption.
 Making a full length feature film based on his book – Carnage by Angels.

Future Plans:
To start a mission so as to exhort the misguided corrupt government officers, to return to the mainstream of life. Since coercion has failed to eradicate corruption, the emphasis will be on self-abdication, by stirring inner conscious. This is a very-very difficult task, nearly impossible to achieve. Even a minor dent in this underworld of corruption would be a wonder. Even then strategic planning coupled with emotional obsession may play the theme.
Books written by Y. P Singh:
(A) Carnage By Angels: A highly-researched book covering positive and negative emotions written in the background of corruption in the Mumbai Police. It is a book which fills tears in the eyes of even a stoic reader.
(B) Vultures in Love: This is a romantic thriller but is a book which goes deep into the philosophy of corruption in the services. This book, turning text-bookish at times, traverses through the murky world of corruption in income-tax, customs and the CBI.
(C) Third Book: Currently writing a book related to the life of IAS officers, in the backdrop of a woman IAS officer in conflict with her emotions and ambitions.

Crew involvement
2010 Yahi Sach Hai