box[ur]shorts Film Festival

box[ur]shorts Film Festival
P.O. Box 66175
Los Angeles, United States

All year, In progress
This film festival operates all year

Festival Overview

At box[ur]shorts Film Festival we literally "box your shorts". Besides our annual event where the finalists are screened on the big screen, box[ur]shorts Film Festival will show all competing movies in artistic movie jukeboxes, at multiple locations all over the world. The films are programmed to loop non-stop on different size LCD screens along with the possibility for the viewer make a selection from interactive menu.


Golden box[ur]shorts™ Award - Cash value: $1,000
Silver box[ur]shorts™ Award - Cash value: $500
Bronze box[ur]shorts™ Award - Cash value: $250
box[ur]shorts™ Best Student Film Award - Value: $18,000
box[ur]shorts™ Audience Choice Award


Action Adaptation Adventure Advertising Animation Art-house Asian Black Black Comedy Bollywood Bollywood Children Comedy Crime Documentary Drama Experimental Fantasy Foreign Language French Gay and Lesbian Historical Horror Independent Jewish Music Video Musical National Reality Religious Romance Science Fiction Short Silent Sport Student Thriller TV War Western Women

Known festival contacts Contacts
Giacun Caduff


Open to the public


Anybody who has made a great short film, commercial or music video.


Any format is OK.


July 1st - $30
August 1st - $40
September 1st - $50
Student Discount: $10

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