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itzon is changing the face of independent film showcasing and distribution. Combining TV, Internet video and film festival, our aim is to deliver the best new talent in independent films in high definition through our viewers' Internet browsers or Internet-ready TVs.

The platform provides film lovers with a variety of content scheduled in a linear stream providing a curated 'TV' experience. itzon offers enjoyable, hassle-free viewing, with listings of what's on available through the Interactive Programme Guide and our Whatzon weekly digital magazine.

Although delivery of film online is our business, our passion is for promoting and helping filmmakers. It's been incredibly important to build a platform that actually benefits filmmakers socially and financially by developing each new stage with the ideas and opinions from our itzon community of filmmakers and film lovers.

We're committed to offering filmmakers a host of services in one place. For example, the opportunity to earn revenue from views, a broad audience and a global reach, festival awards and prizes, their rave reviews sent to industry professionals who may be interested in developing projects, active promotion through our IPG, magazine and social media, the ability to sell their DVDs and merchandise through our site commission free, and so much more.

We provide a free comprehensive marketing package to both individual filmmakers and distributors alike to promote films in all stages of distribution…
You may have a popular and well-regarded film that has had successful broadcast exposure in the past but is now experiencing a plateau in DVD sales and needs a re-launch to reach a new audience.
You may want help to build an audience for your film through social media.
Or you may have a film that has had previous success on a festival circuit but has not yet secured a broadcast or distribution deal.
You might have a new film currently touring the festival circuit but are looking to enter another competition that offers additional benefits other festivals are unable to offer.
Do you need to secure a time or date specific launch for your film because of its content or theme?
Do you want a simultaneous online broadcast screening at the same time your film appears at a festival or is available on DVD/download? We can help you create a large impact and reach a global audience.


One key function of a Film Festival, aside from celebrating great filmmaking, is to showcase films to buyers and distributors. We intend to be no different here at itzon, we are just using the best new technology to allow people to do this without attending a festival if they are unable to.

The Film Festival award categories are Best Fiction, Best Animation and Best Documentary. The awards are given monthly, and 2 month in arrears. All films transmitted in the live stream during one calendar month will be part of that month's festival. However they will continue to receive votes for a further 30 days in the VoD system. The audience votes are then tallied after the 30 days and the 3 films with the most audience votes in all three categories will be assessed by a judging panel to find a winner in each. The top film in each category will be recognized, with winners receiving up to 1,000 GBP in cash prizes, software and hardware prizes and feedback to Distributors, Broadcasters, Commissioning Editors and Creative Directors.


Action Adaptation Adventure Animation Art-house Asian Black Black Comedy Bollywood Bollywood Children Comedy Crime Documentary Drama Experimental Fantasy Foreign Language French Gay and Lesbian Historical Horror Independent Jewish Musical National Reality Religious Romance Science Fiction Short Silent Sport Student Thriller TV War Western Women

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We're here to show case the best in films, documentaries and animations. Anything from a 90 seconds right through to a 2 hour epic; one off's, series or multipart's, scientific documentaries, historical biographies, extreme sports, right through to drama, comedy and sci-fi. You should be able to make films about whatever you want and as long as it conforms to the rest of the guidelines we want to share it.


We can except films either via uploads or good old fashioned post. To view excepted formats please see


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