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Les Inattendus
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Lyon, France

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Festival Overview

The 11th edition of Les Inattendus biennial film festival will take place from February 9th to 17th 2018. We remain true to our original intention: to bring "very" independent films to our audience during public screenings, while providing opportunity for open and productive discussion.

These films are often shown for the first time in Lyon during the festival. They are mainly created in defiance of industrial cinema and TV standards. Rather than giving precedence to any one form of creation over another, exhibiting these rarely seen films, whatever their genre, their format, their length, is a way of keeping in touch with the boundless creativity which exists on the fringes of industry. Films that come to be despite frequently fragile human, technical and economic circumstances and that do so with great audacity. The energy of these peripheral spaces contributes to the constant reinvention of cinematic expression, both individual and collective.

Over the years, these films have found their place in a growing number of festivals. With the help of digital technologies, it has also quite simply become easier to make and distribute them. Internet has opened up an almost unlimited exhibition space. But although collectives and networks have been formed to support this type of work, "traditional" exhibition venues capable of accommodating them are becoming ever scarcer.

A number of older films will be included as well in this year's programme, for their own sake, and as a means of identifying continuity and difference between an often forgotten heritage and contemporary problematics. In support of an enquiry into how cinema engages us, how and why it always has. Into how film makers engage with the reality they face. Into our engagement as spectators when we enter a theatre and join others in front of a screen. Into the engagement of film makers today, to obtain a better understanding of the stands they take, of the emotions and the indignation that inspire them.

We are also concerned with the important issue of where "different" cinema happens. Where is its physical place today? In which public arenas can it still be seen? How will it be created and produced, by whom and for whom? The programme selection is a partial response and we will continue, as in previous editions, to invite debate on these subjects among the film makers, collectives and audience present.

Les Inattendus is a festival which reflects the many different ways of making cinema, bringing together those active in all aspects of its existence; a temporary space devoted to discussion, to adventures in sound and vision, to our wide, curious and receptive audience.

And this is why we look forward to receiving your films.

Les Inattendus.


Les Inattendus is a non-competitive film festival.


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Our intention is to give our audience access to atypical, non-standardized works. We accept films from professional and amateur filmmakers, student and workshop films, individual or collective works. Films on any topic, in every genre (documentary, essay films, fiction, animation, experimental...), of any length, digital films (H.264 files, Blu-Ray or DVD), 16mm and 35mm films, with a particular emphasis on innovative cinematic experiments and practices.


Digital films (H.264 files, Blu-Ray or DVD)
16mm and 35mm films.


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