International Haiku Amateur Little Film Festival

International Haiku Amateur Little Film Festival
Palakkad, Kerala., India

Tel: 00919446000373

2017, Finished
Sat 12th Aug to Sun 13th Aug

Festival Overview

"Haiku" is a very short form of Japanese poetry, here used to mean any short form of aesthetic creativity. "Amateur" here denotes a creation by a creator whose chief intention in the creation is not financial gain. The meaning of "Amateur" implying something that lacks professional quality does not apply here."litle" here stands for shortness of duration of the film and is specified as " no longer than 5 minutes of total screening time including front and back credits". "Film" stands for cinematic creation in the digital video format. " HALF" is an abberviation of "Haiku Amateur Little FIlm" and denotes also the stipulated duration of the film which is 5 minutes or "Half" the time of a traditional film reel which is 10 minutes,Judgement of Half Contest entries will be based on content and Originality ( Quality of storyline and script), production ( camera work, lighting and shot composition), Post-production ( editing, transition, pacing, continuity asnd flow), Image ( Focus, Composition, color and lighting), Sound Quality ( clarity, consistency of audio levels and execution of other noise).



Golden Screen Award: Rs. 50, 000/- in cash + Trophy + Certificate

5 Runner up Awards: Rs. 5,000/- in cash + Certificate to each


Drama Experimental Independent Short Silent

Known festival contacts Contacts
Komalankutty Methil
General Secretary
Ramkrishnan C.K.
vice president


Open to the public


Short film below five minutes only


DVD / online digital file


Rs. 1000/-for Indian entry and $30( 40% discount = 18$) for International entry for selected entry only

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