The Philip K Dick Film Festival of Science Fiction, Science and the supernatural

The Philip K Dick Film Festival of Science Fiction, Science and the supernatural
1380 riverside drive 7e
new york, United States

Tel: 917-362-9337

Festival Overview

The mission of the Philip K. Dick Film Festival is to promote visionary sci-fi and original or adapted material inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick, Jorge Luis Borges, Italo Calvino, Robert Anton Wilson, Franz Kafka and others who have explored the metaphysical, the eerie in all its manifestations. We look at films that push the cinematic form to new levels of creativity and originality without sacrificing narrative cohesion and with an eye to the ineffable. We look at films that challenge the viewers reality with ideas and concepts not normally found in conventional stories. All genres are welcomed


Action Adaptation Adventure Animation Art-house Asian Black Crime Documentary Drama Experimental Fantasy Foreign Language French Horror Independent Music Video Religious Science Fiction Short Student Thriller Women

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Known festival contacts Contacts
Dan Abella
Daniel Abella
Director of Programming
Jon Stevens
Primary contact
Aldo Romero
Recent Festival News News
29th Jul 2012 The Philip K Dick Film Festival


Open to the public




NTSC region 0 for screeners,or online screener.

Exhibition- dvd,digibeta,cam.


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