Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival

Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival
244 Fifth Avenue
Suite 2886
8th Floor
New York, United States

Tel: 6464314753
Fax: 718 484 8764

2018, Finished
Fri 9th Nov to Sat 10th Nov

Festival Overview

The Urban Action Showcase and Expo (UASE) is the premier entertainment platform celebrating and honoring the multicultural achievements within the Action genre.  The UASE is the only action entertainment platform offering both fan and professional experiences through its international film festival, expo and distribution outlets.

The UASE endeavors to recognize and facilitate the participation of multicultural filmmakers, actors and industry professionals by establishing promotional and distribution opportunities across various media outlets, and strengthening professional networks through media, events, panels and workshops.  

The purpose of the UASE is to ultimately cultivate new opportunities for content featuring ethnic heroic principal characters in media, and to expand the presence of these individuals in action entertainment in order to change the perception of villainized minorities in media and restore equal value to people of color.


Feature Narrative: 60 to 120 min
1. Best Fight Scene (Writer Director Fight Choreography)
2. Best Fire Fight (Writer Director Choreography)
3. Best Weapons Fight Scene (Writer Director Choreography)
4. Best Action Scene (Writer Director Choreography)
5. Best Action Actor Male
6. Best Action Actor Female
7. The Ultimate Urban Action Stunt Award
TV Pilot: 30 to 45 min and Web Series: 3 to 15 min
1. Best Fight Choreography
2. Best Acton
3. Best Action Actor

2 Minute Warning: Action Sequence, Stunt Reel or Action Trailer 2 min or less
1. Best Fight Scene
2. Best Action Scene

Blood Sweat & Bones; No Budget Awards (Features & Shorts)
1. Best Fight Scene
2. Best Action Scene
3. Best Action Actor
4. Best Film

Cinemax Short Action Film Awards: 7 to 20 min
1. Best Hand 2 Hand Fight Scene
2. Best Weapons Fight Scene (no guns)
3. Best Fire Fight Scene
4. Best Action Short
5. Best Action Actor Male and Female
6. Best Special Affects

Angels of Action
Martial Arts Action and Talent Competition
Urban Action Script Contest for Feature, TV Pilot, Animation
Fan Film Contests


Action Adventure Asian Black Fantasy Independent Science Fiction War Western

Apply via Film Freeway

Known festival contacts Contacts
Demetrius Angelo


Open to the public


The quest of the Urban Action Showcase is to Recognize, Promote, Facilitate, and Encourage the participation of ethnic minority filmmakers in the Action Film Genre. The UAS endeavors to recognize minority Indie Action filmmakers by honoring excellence in various aspects of Action film making. All Films that are Written by, Directed by and or Starring Woman or Persons of Color (Black, Latino, Asian, Other) in the Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi genre with in the last 4 years are eligible to enter the Urban Action Showcase


All submissions for the Urban Action Showcase must be in HD or 4K Online at Film Freeway.


Submission Fees:
Regular Submission Deadlines are: March 1st to August 31st 2018

Cinemax Short Film: $50.00
Feature Film: $20.00
Feature Film; Blood Sweat and Bones No Budget: $20.00
Short Film Showdown: $10.00
Short Film; Blood Sweat and Bones No Budget: $10.00
TV Pilot: $20.00
TV Pilot; Blood Sweat and Bones No Budget: $20.00
New Media: $20.00
Web Series: $10.00
Urban Acton Script Contest: $10.00
2 Min. Warning Contest: $10.00
Sexy Silent Deadly Angels of Action Contest: $10.00
Fan Film Short Contest: $10
*Late Submission Deadlines are: August 2nd to October 1st 2017: Add $10 to every category.

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