2-Minute Film Festival

2-Minute Film Festival
Carnegie Museum of Art
4400 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh PA, United States

Festival Overview

Drawing inspiration from the silver paintings that will be featured in CMOA’s upcoming exhibition Jacqueline Humphries, the theme for this year’s 2-Minute Film Festival is “The Silver Screen.” Humphries uses metallic pigments in many of her works, layering it with a chalky black to create complex surfaces she has compared to the aesthetics of film noir: “Unlike in Western or gangster films, where you have a vertical figure against a horizontal background that he stands out from, in film noir, the figure is completely collapsed into the picture. His face is often in shadow and he is completely embedded in the atmosphere and light of the frame. I feel this captures something I am after in the paintings, of complete embeddedness.”

Your video can similarly respond to the aesthetics of a classical cinema genre–from noir, epics, and Westerns to screwball comedies, musicals, and science fiction—or take up its narrative tropes, characters, and themes.



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24th Jun 2013 Deadline Extended!
4th Jun 2013 2-Minute Film Festival Call for Entries is Open!


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