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Orlando Urban Film Festival
3956 Town Center Blvd.
Suite 499
Orlando, Florida, United States

Tel: 216-256-8060

Thu 9th Nov to Sun 12th Nov
Submission deadline: Fri 22nd Sep 17

Festival Overview

"Where Imagination Runs Wild"

Be the first to submit your project and see it on the "BIG SCREEN"

The Orlando Urban Film Festival (OUFF) is Orlando, Florida's first African American Film Festival, and we are energized by the diversity and inclusion of cultural films, movies, videos, shorts, clips, music, and photography from content creators globally.

We are proud to include all cultures creative works as the purpose of the festival is to create an exciting new channel to filmmaking that has never been expose before. We are prior Music Business Executives, and the first film festival to bring film makers and music makers together to celebrate the way sound and pictures makes movies and music powerful communitaction mediums together. Our goal is to educate individuals on the effects movies has on our daily lives.


Film Completion Awards

Films are programmed for public screening in a diverse selection of categories. Each film is presented in one or more of the following sections and is placed at the discretion of the programming committee.

The OUFF Crystal Star Award is presented in each category to all "Top Winners" which are to be determined. All of the winning films will be featured on the big screen at the Cinemark Theatre in the Orlando, Florida. A media television, public relations and print campaign will follow the winners throughout the next OUFF.

Film Awards

Films are programmed for public screening in a diverse selection of competitions and
categories. Each film is presented in one or more of the following sections and is placed at the
discretion of the programming committee. The competition is judged by the MQE Judging Committee who are film industry professionals, including directors, producers, actors, and critics.

Top Prizes
All winners will receive a Crystal Star Award. The "You Are A Star" of the Orlando Urban Film Festival will be presented to the OUFF Top winner. The top prize winner will also receive public relations and distribution deal.

Screen Play Surprise
What's your story? The hottest 2017 Screenplay Writer will be selected from all entries. Submit your screenplay to see if you have what it takes to be a Hollywood Screenwriter.

OUFF Short Film Corner (Short Corner Films)
Short Films are the history of film making and where story telling with images and then sound began.

However, Short Films are the new movement for independent filmmakers, because it allows them to express their ideas without having huge budgets to work with. OUFF will honor the best short with a Crystal Star Award and their short feature on the big screen.

"Music Video Award" Is big this year, because we want to help new artists, new talent, actors, movie and music producers, screenwriters etc. achieve their career goals. Submit your short video and "win a chance to appear and/or perform at the 2017 OUFF Awards and events.

International Film Competition
International Films that have a standard of excellence compete for the Top Honors, and the
Believe Award. This award is dedicated to Dunn Pearson Jr. an icon in the music industry, filmmaking and composing for motion pictures.

Rising Directors Subject Competition (Feature and Documentary Films)
Rising Directors who are presenting their feature film and documentary films are recognized for their creative work and fresh ideas both on screen and off. Eligibility for the competition is based on films not being previously distributed in the U.S. or Internationally. The award is in honor of the legendary writer and actor Melvin Van Peebles.

Animated Subject Film Competition (Animation Films)
Animated Short Subject show-off the creative imagination of the animation filmmakers from around the globe. This competition highlights the work of those who are truly genius in their craft of creating fascinating character driven stories.

Phenomenal Women In Film Subject
Phenomenal Women In Film recognizes and celebrates the work of women from around the world and honors their creative works in the film industry. This year's award is presented in dedication to the legendary director Debbie Allen.

OUFF Music Corner (Music Award and Music Video Award)
Music is the key to movie making, and OUFF puts the spotlight on bringing the two entertainment segments together as one (film music). Music is the driving force along side of filmmaking OUFF will honor the music producer and composer for the best soundtrack and movie score.

In this category OUFF will honor and award the best Music Video director, producer and artist who shows the most creative potential through their craft.

2017 Special Awards - "Remember: Life & Legacy Award"
Join OUFF For A Special Movie & Music Event In Support of two industry professionals who lost their lives way-to-soon.


Action Adaptation Adventure Advertising Animation Art-house Asian Black Black Comedy Bollywood Bollywood Children Comedy Crime Documentary Drama Experimental Fantasy Foreign Language French Gay and Lesbian Historical Horror Independent Jewish Music Video Musical National Reality Religious Romance Science Fiction Short Silent Sport Student Thriller TV War Western Women

Apply via Film Freeway

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Marianne Eggleston
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Open to the public


OUFF is the creators "Imagination Runs Wild". Every Human Beings in our world is different, and each one has a very different and unique life stories to share with the world. Also, OUFF is where Urban Movie, TV and Music, screenwriters and content producers come together to join forces like never before to discuss the dynamics and inter-connection of their images and music. The creative visionaries in these industries are what makes the "movie biz" so hot.

OUFF will honor and recognize these powerful industry movers and shakers side by side and to educate and upcoming talent on how to achieve "super success" with their crafts.

OUFF is where Urban Movie, TV and Music content producers come together to join forces like never before to discuss the dynamics and inter-connection of images and music and to see their works on a "BIG SCREEN" in a state-of-the-art movie theater.

Wow, now that's powerful!

The creative visionaries in these industries are what makes the "movie biz" so hot. OUFF wants to honor and recognize these powerful industry movers and shakers side by side and to educate upcoming talent on how to achieve "super success" with their creative talents and crafts.

Submission Guidelines

1. Short Films entries 15 seconds to 60 minutes "are eligible" if they have not been previously released in movie theaters and distributed nationally, broadcast on US or international television, available for purchase on DVD, or available for full-length viewing online. There are exceptions to these rules based on individual circumstances which can be reviewed by the Submissions Team via email inquiry.

Submit questions to: entries@orlandouff.com. We may allow a longer length project for the short film category because some short films can be up to 60 minutes or more in length.

2. Short Film Corner submissions must be completed after June 1, 2008.

3. Films must be submitted Digitally for the OUFF Team to Pre-View "for consideration and acceptance into the competition". This is a competition and films accepted into consideration will compete against all films in their selected category. "ACCEPTANCE" only means your project will be "Judged For Official Selection Into the Festival's Competition, and It Will Go Through A Full Examination Process".

Once selected as an "Official Selection" The OUFF Judges will determine which films will "win and be screened during the 2017 OUFF." Due to the large quantity of films, music, videos and scripts received it takes time to properly manage all submissions. This review process takes about three to four months, so please be patient.

"Please note: Not all projects submitted are accepted into the OUFF competition."

Do not send film prints, master tapes, or other originals. You are fully responsible for your films, music or material; we are not liable for your property. "WE NOT NOT RETURN SUBMISSIONS". THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!

4. Music Video and Music entries must be original productions, tracks, scores, songs or lyrics. By law, music must not infringe on any copyrights.

5. Applicant confirms and warrants their legal authority to submit the film and/or music entry into the Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival.

6. Applicant deems they are fully responsible for the use of all music, images, graphics and content in the film or music entered in the Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival. By submitting your film or music into the Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival, you agree to take full responsibility and liability and for any and all damages associated with the showing of the film or broadcast of the music entered into the festival.

7. Entrant will allow usage of clips from the film or music for promotional use on the internet, television, radio, in print, and at live Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival events.

8. All entries must be either in English or contain English subtitles. Non-English entries
submitted without subtitles are not eligible.

9. Only complete entries (including entry form, payment, and digital preview Screener or Music Soundtrack) will be processed for review and selection into OUFF. "No Waivers will be accepted".

10. If Mailed - Please submit a typed or clearly printed entry form or a copy of the online form receipt along with the submission. The Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival is not responsible for incorrect wording in publications or on awards.

11. You will be notified if your submission is "Accepted into OUFF".

ROUND 1: At the time your project is "ACCEPTED" the OUFF Judges will begin reviewing all of the "ACCEPTED Projects" to select the "Official Selection" Projects.".

ROUND 2: You will be notified if your project is considered as an "Official Selection." Once the "Official Selections have been chosen, "Official Selection Winners" will be a part of the Final Judging for the 2017 OUFF Winners!

ROUND 3: The 2017 OUFF Official Selected films, videos and screenplays will be selected and announced!

The "FINALIST and Winning Projects" will be screened, and the Screening Schedule announced via email and press release. Press releases, photos, and trailers will be featured.

All 2017 OUFF Finalist Winners will be required to mail-in and submit a final "DCP Copy" of your production.

Productions in the following exhibition formats are eligible for The Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival screening: DCP ONLY (The OUFF Production Team can make your DCP for $450.00 and give you a copy on your external drive) and Music on Compact Disc.


Early Entry Submission Friday, November 25, 2016 to Sunday, March 26, 2017 deadline! EXTENDED EARLY DEADLINE ENDS April 23, 2107! Regular Submissions Friday, July 9, 2017. Late entries will be accepted until Friday, August 6, 2017 at 5:00 pm EST with the required late entry fee. All Winning Filmmakers will be selected and announced on or before Friday, August 6, 2017 by the OUFF Selection Committee. All final winners will be announced on Friday, September 8, 2017. Winning filmmakers, TV, music, talent and their projects will be showcased and screened in Orlando, Florida.

1. Shipping
The cost of shipping an entry to the Festival must be paid by the entrant. Collect or COD
shipments will not be accepted. Any Items received will "NOT" be returned!

All international entries must be sent “free domicile” to the Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival office with all transportation charges, duties, and taxes prepaid by the shipper. Fees charged to the the Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival will be refused. For films accepted for screening at the the Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival, we are not responsible for any shipping costs.

2. Judging & Selection
Films will be selected for judging and presentation by the Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival Judging Committee. The Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival Judges Committee Office will contact the selected winning entrants by telephone or email.

Winners will be notified on or before Friday, September 8, 2017 this includes late entries. For publication purposes, entries selected will be required to supply 3 (three) high resolution stills from the film and at least 1 (one) photograph of the film's director and the film's poster cover. The Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival also request publicity materials and a video trailer (if available). Publicity and press materials will not be returned.


If film is "An Official Selection" which will be screened in the OUFF a DCP must be submitted.

Productions in the following exhibition formats are eligible for The Orlando Urban Film and Music Festival screening: DVD (we can convert to DCP for a small fee), DCP ONLY and Music on Compact Disc. Screenplays should be submitted in PDF Format.


3. Entry Fees
Each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee. Entry fees are not
Refundable. Waivers will not be accepted. Fees cover registration, notification that your entry has been received, and notification of results. These fees may be paid by check or money order, made payable to Orlando Urban Film Festival, or by Pay Pal using a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express).

For all entries outside the U.S., entrants must pay using bank checks or money orders are accepted (NO PERSONAL CHECKS). The bank check or money order must be drawn on U.S. correspondent banks only and be in U.S. dollars. You can also pay by credit card using Pay Pal before Late Submission Deadline Friday, August 6, 2017.

Regular Deadline (Postmarked by Friday, July 9 , 2017)

The entry fee helps OUFF prepare your project submission to be shown on the "Big Screen. Please ensure you have submitted the best quality film project to ensure best quality picture on a movie theater screen. If your film is selected to screen and the quality of your film is not of a high standard, it will not be screened during OUFF!

PLEASE NOTE: The Orlando Urban Film Festival - Excludes porn films! "DOES NOT" and 'WILL NOT" accept these types projects. X-Rated, Nudity, and porn films WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM REVIEW! please do not submit these types of films in your entries.

"NO WAIVERS ARE ACCEPTED" and "NO REFUNDS" from Entries and Submissions. Please read all Entry and Submission information carefully before entering your project to OUFF!

Visit www.filmfreeway.com/festival/orlandourbanfilmfestival for detailed information.


We're kicking off the 2017 Orlando urban Film Festival's OUFF Awards

Get creative and brag about your talents from the inside out. Orlando Urban Film Festival is now "Accepting Submissions" from aspiring photographers, directors, actors, actresses, music and video producers and those who are interested in movies, music and television production. yOU can submit to the official OUFF website.

March 26, 2017
Early Bird Deadline

July 9, 2017
Regular Deadline

September 9, 2017
Notification Date

November 9 – 12, 2017
Event Date

Early Bird Deadline
Standard Fee: $35 USD

Regular Deadline
Standard Fee: $50 USD



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