Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival

Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival
PO Box 3094
Worcester, United States

2018, Finished
Sat 20th Oct to Sat 20th Oct

Festival Overview

This film festival is about bringing together poetry and the visual arts at the intersection of film. Anyone can make a video of a poet reading a poem, but that’s not what Rabbit Heart is looking for. What we’re looking for is what you can do visually with a poem, without showing performance. Use the poem as your soundtrack, add sound effects and music if you’d like, and let that be your springboard for what happens visually – show, don’t tell, and do it up hella good.


Best Overall ($200) – Just what it sounds like. The one video submitted in any category (or no category) that sticks with the judges through the whole thing. Every submission is automatically eligible for this prize.

Best Animated ($100) – This can be any kind of animation, from stop motion to flipbook, to digital design. If you are using someone else’s engine for your digital production, please make sure you have the permission of the owner of that engine. For reals – we will need to make sure you do in order for your film to remain in competition.

Best Music/Sound ($100) – This winner can be from any category. We’re looking for spectacular use of sound and/or music in your video. This should go without saying, but all music should be music that you wrote or have permission to use.

Best Phone ($100) – This should be a video that you shot on your phone. Simple as that. Big tech is totally not the rule. Rock your phone and you fit in this category.

Best Under One Minute ($100) – Short and sweet. We won’t blink.

Best Valentine ($100) – Open to interpretation. Did you know that Worcester, MA is where the Valentine was created (check it out)? Let us honor Esther Howland with this category.

Shoots! Youth Prize ($100) - Best film by a person 17 or under. Submitting to this category does not disqualify the film from competition in other categories.



Apply via Film Freeway

Known festival contacts Contacts
Sou MacMillan


Open to the public


Anyone can enter!

You should own or be collaborating with someone who owns the rights to the work - that means not just the poem, but the music, and the visuals (basically, make it yourself). Films should be 4 minutes in time length or less.

Submissions on the web here: http://doublebunnypress.com/submissions-for-rabbit-heart/ or on FilmFreeway.com


MP4, please.


There are no entry fees associated with this festival

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