Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival

Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival
Arogya Sena, National Head Quarter
10 Sanas Plaza ,
Bajirao Road
Pune, India

Tel: +91-20-24473028
Fax: +91-20-24473028

2018, Finished
Sat 8th Dec to Sun 9th Dec

Festival Overview

The festival is growing consistently since it started in 2012. It has been successful in attracting the audience and the storytellers.

Our mission is to unleash hidden talents in the field of documentaries and short film making, we are looking for compelling, enigmatic,powerful cinematic narratives which explore human nature, relationships, psychology and living.

Our vision is to showcase humanistic storytellers who have strong narrative sense and originality in the art and craft of cinema.

Pre selection Committee : All the Documentaries or Short Films will be confidentially screened by a pre-selection committee appointed by Arogya Sena. This committee reserves every right to exclude Documentaries which are not in conformity with the objectives of the competition or which offend national feelings or likely to promote discrimination based on gender, caste, creed, religion or language. The Documentaries or Short Films lacking sufficient technical qualities will also be rejected.

Final Screening : Documentaries or Short Films selected by pre selection committee will only be eligible for final screening at the competition venue.

Publication Authorization : All the official entrants will authorize the organizers to publish their Documentary or Short Film in SPIFF and will also allow usage of clips from the Documentary for the promotional usage on TV, Radio, in Print, at live festival events including photos, for which the entrants are solely responsible. Also the organizers will be able to share the information with its publicity partners (if any).

Acknowledgement of the awards : Entrants must agree to acknowledge the award on the film itself if wins the award.

Return of the copies : Copies for the festival will be retained by the organizers film archive for cultural, non-commercial, nonprofit festivals and archival screening in the future.

Cancellation / rejection : Arogya Sena reserves the right to cancel any submission or take any action against any breach of regulations or any misbehavior disturbing the course of the festival. Arogya Sena also reserves all the rights to refuse or reject any registration / entry of any Documentary or Short Film or persons or institutions.
Arogya Sena reserves all the rights to make any changes in the rules and regulations or in the schedule of the competition.

Submission will only be considered valid after receiving all the required documents and the final screening copy of the Documentary or Short Film on or before 30th September, 2017 and will be considered as the final entry.

Results declared by the pre selection committee and final juries will be treated as final and all the participants will be abide by them. International winners will receive the award amount via online transfer which might take 30 days.
Arogya Sena and juries will not have any bindings to give any clarification or justification regarding the results to anyone.

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Best Short Film Rupees 15,000 /- and 10,000/-

Best Documentary Rupees 15,000 and 10 ,000/-

Best Short Film Director Rupees 8,000/-

Best Documentary Director Rupees 8,000/


Documentary Short

Known festival contacts Contacts
Yogesh Jagam
Associate Director


Open to the public


Open to All
Documentaries and Short Films below 40 Min
Shot in any format
Subtitle compulsory for Non-English Films


Documentary or Short Film could be shot on any camera


Earlybird Submission Fee: $10 USD

Regular Submission Fee: $15 USD

Extended Submission Fee: $20 USD

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