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Colortape International Film Festival
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Festival Overview

One of the most prestigious and recognized film festivals in the Southern hemisphere & possibly one of Australia's largest "online" multicultural event. Our festival endeavors to connect diverse cultural backgrounds from every corner of the world, being a unique and only festival to accept submissions while running simultaneously on every continent! Colortape International Film Festival is a platform for international and local professionals and developing animators/filmmakers/script writers/digital content creators/musicians in need to showcase their creative skills while helping them better their skill or expand their careers. Colortape International Film Festival is a festival created by industry professionals to support filmmakers world wide. We plan a televised Red Carpet premier in the future but we need your support. Planning to run it in most capital cities throughout every state of Australia, Asia, Africa, South & North America, Europe, Middle East. We pride ourselves because our global festival which accepts submissions and runs simultaneously in many countries at the same time, offers the wider audiences the opportunity to experience this unique source of entertainment that take place simultaneously on a global scale, involving many countries and people from various backgrounds. Unique in the world! Whilst this could be an online event only until we can grow our festival to premier in various world wide locations indoor and/or outdoor. While we are trying to expand the competition there will be many obstacles hampering our efforts. A live broadcasting service will be negotiated in the future with major networks around the globe to showcase most of the submitted works.

The aim of the competition is to bring exposure to great animators, filmmakers and films, scripts, ideas & topics, graphics designers, creative minds and digital content and creators that might otherwise not break in the industry or through a more traditional festival process.

Also the aim is to merge the world of amateur and professional filmmakers, producers & directors, creators of TV commercials, promo and video clip makers to student filmmakers, media, marketing, graphics design, animation, film, IT and other related fields while allowing them to enter, showcase and possibly forge a partnership or relation with others in the industry in a unique way with the help of Colortape International Film Festival. At the same time hoping to impress the world audience, fellow competitors, investors, sponsors and possibly future employers.

How will this work in your favor? As we previously mentioned the submitted works will be viewed and judged by industry professionals, in some instances from a large number of countries, many who are/were partners or affiliates through association within the film industry, people that hail from either a marketing background, international advertising agencies, or former or current sponsors, joint-venture partners in other projects with the founders of the film festival.

These professionals and invited guests will get direct access to your submitted work, thus of: animations/musicals/films/promos/vidlets/scripts and together with the feedback and recommendations from the panel of judges will help us all to make a fair and transparent, best choice, among them the right selection of winners, runner ups and anyone else who deserves recognition. Any special recognition. From cast & crew.

We believe that EVERYONE submitting or making something deserves to be rewarded. Everyone. Bearing in mind that due to the fact that the economical downturn in recent years, the floods of 2011 that damaged most of our un-insured projecting equipment, and due to ever expansion and branching out in many countries, we have limited resources, this coming year, and we might be unable to reward EVERY single submission. Although we would like to. Most assured that we can still guarantee that everyone who submits a film or work (eg: script, musical score, graphic design etc) will get an internationally recognized certificate and we will endeavor to recommend you for IMDb credits or other awards.


Will vary from one year to another and from one category to another. Please check our web site in the awards section. Thank you.


Action Adaptation Adventure Advertising Animation Art-house Asian Black Black Comedy Bollywood Bollywood Children Comedy Crime Documentary Drama Experimental Fantasy Foreign Language French Gay and Lesbian Historical Horror Independent Jewish Music Video Musical National Reality Religious Romance Science Fiction Short Silent Sport Student Thriller TV War Western Women

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Alex Schiller


Open to the public


Anyone. From amateur filmmakers to professional producers or directors.


Submission requirements
Filmmaker must send us 2x copies of your work (except scripts) on DVD or BluRay to the following address:
Colortape International Film Festival, PO BOX 328 Mansfield, Brisbane, Qld 4122, Australia" once received you will automatically proceed past our 1st phase of acceptance or pre-selection process and you will receive an extra 5-10 points. Depending on the material and works submitted. The DVD's or BluRay's are non-returnable. Do NOT send via DHL please, as we can not chase so many parcels at the distribution centre, as it is required in Australia. DHL parcels are not delivered to our address we must pick them up ourselves. Just last year alone we have received over 50 entries via DHL and spent a lot of time and resources chasing them instead of using it wisely elsewhere. Please send them normal air mail, or UPS. Thank you.

The submitted work should be filmed in either Standard Definition (SD) but most preferable in High Definition (HD) if possible, The last one will attract extra points. Some categories are exempt (for example: Mobile Phone category). Please include an A4 or A4 poster (5 points extra will be awarded) and line of credits (5 points added). DVD cover and art works will also receive extra pints for presentation. Must submit your own work not somebody else's. Penalties will apply for plagiarism and copyright theft.

Since you have shot and made your film/documentary/commercial/musical or promo, and after spending endless hours of pre & post production work, from filming to editing, designing and rendering, once you have finalized your master then now it’s time to post us a link to your version of your film (web uploaded) and send us copies. Just as there are endless shooting formats; also there are numerous rendering formats. Make your film stand out by delivering the highest possible quality, and playable at a good speed (without frames being dropped). Remember the playback quality on DVD/BluRay will be assessed and awarded up to 15 points. Hence, is to be rendered in an approved and popular industry standard format. Always keep a copy of your master safe and on file for future use. It is the responsibility of the registered member or entrant to upload the correct file format or working link and must be as small as possible, and playable as fast as possible. Any work that will be surface delivered to us via air mail, preferably filmed in 16:9 HD format, on either DVD or BluRay or DCP will receive an extra 10-15 points and will advance to next stage automatically. Any foreign language films made in your native language MUST have English subtitles or dubbing! Don't take the risk to loose crucial points get the much needed extra points to boost your chances to win!

Remember: Please submit posters, photo and info about the film, filmmaker & your subject(s), cast and crew. Every detail will be awarded anywhere between 5-15 points. Points do add up and is crucial that you are awarded as many points as possible.

Those entering the Promotions (advertisement) category please note: adherence to the theme and creativity are two of the most important criteria requirements in your submission. Tip! If the film (vidlet) made is the right theme then this will attract the highest points.

Colortape International promotes the work submitted by filmmakers which are made in their own native language – as long as there is a Multi-language selection subtitle embedded in your submitted material, most importantly in English (if you are not a native English-speaker). We will not assess or award points on the correctness r gramma of the English language used. We just need to understand your film. However, if your submitted material will be a winner or runner-up in one of the regions and will enter the world competition at international level, we would suggest to you to improve the language issue to suit most audiences world wide. Tip! You will have a better chance to progress in the competition at higher levels. Participants, directors or filmmakers submitting either: films, documentaries, montage and musicals, “0-60 Seconds” commercials/promos and/or short films into this competition then should tell us how much budget did you have, and should upload a clear pre & post production snap shot (jpeg pref.) of cast & crew, and a short biography of the director and a synopsis. Must be sent to us via email during the registration process, and must be attached to their profile and be readily available to provide us with more information about themselves, cast & crew and their subject if they are selected to progress into the finals.

Advertisements & Film Classification
Colortape International film festival will be given special customs and censorship clearances under which it is forbidden to allow persons under the age of 18 years to attend – this includes babies. However, some films included in the Commercials & Short Film Festival and post 2012 will be classified and in some cases children under the age of 18 will be allowed to attend certain screenings depending upon the classification awarded. Also if you will use children under the age of 18 in your own productions you MUST download a Parent Consent Form and have it signed with the legal guardian of the child prior to shoot your advertisement. A form must be completed for every child featured in the commercial or promo. A commercial or film's classification will be identified in the Colortape International Film Festival Guide section of the website.

For further information on Film Classification visit:


Early deadline USD$15 or Regular deadlines $20USD or Late deadlines $30USD

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