Easter Road
Leith, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Festival Overview

To have a competition in making 1 min film in 12 hours. The purpose is to see how many people around the world are interested in fast making short films and to explore where creativity goes.
Participants will get requirements to make 1 minute film on e-mail at noon 20th February and they have to send finished film 20th February 23:59:59 (12:59:59pm) to us on e-mail.


Best film
Best Actress/Actor
Best use of requirements
Best picture

Known festival contacts Contacts
Miroslav R. Mitrovic


Open to the public


Anybody who would like to make a film in 1 day and thinks this is great challenge.
- Film must be 60 sec, no less no more, exactly 60 sec
- Write us some words about yourself, your interest for making films and the rest whatever you want, but no longer then 500 words
- If you are using any kind of copyrighted music or sounds, we need to see permission. Well, send us a scanned copy of permission with signatures. Otherwise there will be no competition for you
- If you using kids in a film as actors we want to see permission from parents, write one for parents and we want to see signed scanned copy.
- Everyone will receive requirements on 20th February exactly at Noon in your local time Zone. If you are not receiving e-mail in your right time, it is your responsibility to contact us as we would not know that you didn’t get requirements
- All films need to come exactly 23:59:59 the latest in your time zone. (Do not worry, we know all about time zones)
- You can make as many films as you want, and in any quality you like, with equipment that you have, from professional video cameras to mobile phones
- You have to send films through e-mail
- If your film file is too big for simple e-mail attachment, send it through Drop Box or We Transfer


1. Each of you will get requirements on e-mail exactly at
2. Everyone will receive requirements on 20th February exactly at Noon in your Local Time Zone.
3. You will receive a request to use some kind of prop
4. In a film you will need to use a line/ sentence or a word as requirement in any form possible you can imagine
5. We will give you a genre as an extra requirement, but this is really extra, doesn’t need to be, but if it is we will think it is kind of success
6. In the end of the film you will need to write: this film was made for 1ONE1 film competition, ProFiRe 2015


There are no entry fees associated with this festival

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