First Hermetic International Film Festival

First Hermetic International Film Festival
La Casa del Cinema
Salizada San Stae, 1990
Venice, Italy

2020, Accepting submissions
Submission deadline: Fri 31st Jan 20
Thu 5th Mar to Sun 8th Mar

2019, Finished
Fri 1st Mar to Sat 2nd Mar

Festival Overview

The First Hermetic International Film Festival wants to serve the interests of all those independent productions, both fiction films and documentaries, feature and short lengths, that have somehow, in the form or in the content, to do with esotericism and the hermetic „sciences“: from the believer standpoint or rather a critique viewpoint towards the hermetic, occult, esoteric stances, surmises and convictions.
We look forward to screening works dealing with, discussing, interpreting:

- esoteric ideas (for example Gaia hypothesis, subtle bodies, guardian angels, devas), schools of though (among others Spiritualism) and currents (e.g. Hermeticism, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Gnosticism, New Age), spiritual movements (for instance the Human Potential Movement), organisations, initiatory societies and cultic milieux (e.g. Celtic revivalism, Gnostic Church, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Grand lodges, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Thelema), figures, masters, initiates and counter-cultures (occultures);

- esoteric related practices (the premodern ones as alchemy, Kabbalah and ancestral astrology or more modern ones, like meditation, mediumship, trance-channelling, clairaudient, I Ching, Tarot), unorthodox belief systems (for example, reincarnation, alternative medicine), indigenous devotions, rituals, archetypal, ancient and „Mind Body Spirit“ symbolisms, other religious discourses;

- „enchanted“ worldviews, traditions, contemporary phenomena (occultism, modern Paganism, neo-Druidry, techno-Shamanism, Wicca, traditional witchcraft revival, chaos magick, alternative metaphysics);

- esoteric theories (astrology, Cabala (Jewish, Christian), alchemy, holistic healing methods), occult philosophies

We want to celebrate the Visions: cinematography and Hermetica are both terrific imaginatively visionary cultures!
Furthermore, contemporary esotericism is intimately, and increasingly, connected with popular culture and new media: for this reason, we want to support such a visual fascination, the storylines revolving around neglected knowledge and the frantic search for the divine upon hidden paths of spirituality.
Accepted are productions diffusely or pervasively inspired and influenced by occult themes and aesthetics as well as the „proper esoteric“ works, that directly and extensively deal with the „realm“ of the occult, representing and portraying it.


Official selected films will be screened at the film festival in front of an international audience and can participate in the contest among the following IMDb listed categories:

Best Picture - Mercure Award
Best Feature Film - Caduceus Award
Best Short Film - Sulphur Award
Best Feature Documentary - Paracelsus Award
Best Documentary (Short) - Pelican Award
Best Foreign Documentary - Rosenkreuz Award
Best Animation Film - Apuleio Award
Best Web Serie - Black Lion Award
Best Experimental Film - Vitriol Award
Best Music Video - Kenneth Award
Best Director - Agrippa Award
Best Editing - Ficino Award
Best Cinematography - Fludd Award
Best Music - Atalanta Award
Best Storytelling - Cagliostro Award
Best Topic - Jodorowsky Award
Best Research - Eco Award
Best Sound Design - Theremin Award


Action Adventure Animation Art-house Crime Disaster Documentary Drama Educational Experimental Fantasy Ghost Historical Horror Independent Jewish Martial Arts Medical Murder Mystery Music Video Mystery National Natural History Noir Period Reality Religious Science Fiction Short Student Supernatural Thriller Travel TV

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Sara Ferro
Festival Director
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Open to the public


Short film, Feature film, Short documentary, Feature documentary, Music video, Experimental film, Animation film


25-35 Euro

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