Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival

Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival
2320 Caniff Avenue
Hamtramck, United States

Festival Overview

“Vidlings and Tapeheads film festival is an exuberant experience filled with fine films, music and art. Everyone involved made it a festival not to be missed. I would encourage everyone to apply if your film is unconventional, weird, brave!”
—Jesseca Ynez Simmons, VTFF2017 alum

The Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival is dedicated to promoting unconventional narrative film. Our fest features live music performances, an art exhibition, and of course — lots of films! VTFF will take place on Friday & Saturday, July 27th & 28th, 2018 and we’ll cap the weekend with a filmmaker and VIP-only Award Ceremony Brunch & Excursion on Sunday, July 29th.

We love films with a unique voice that tell stories in an unusual way, experiment with the medium, or sincerely explore eclectic subject matter and themes. We encourage and celebrate subversiveness, innovative use of materials and budget, and quirky independent work that doesn’t fit comfortably within any one genre.

VTFF films are often weird, cult, or niche, but they’re not random. We’re passionate about films that make the strange familiar and the familiar strange while telling a story. We connect with characters who are outsiders and dreamers—both in front of and behind the camera. And though filmmaking is a collaborative effort, we have an unabashed appreciation of the auteur. We love the the absurd humor and magical realism of Terry Gilliam and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the irreverent sincerity and dysfunctional iconoclasm of John Waters and Jane Campion, the uncanny cleverness and dark mystery of Davids Cronenberg and Lynch, the tactile humanity and visceral goofiness of Jan Švankmajer and Stephen Chow, the timeless avant-garde dreamscapes of Maya Deren and Slavko Vorkapić, and the haunting beauty and moral ambiguity of Hayao Miyazaki.


Awards will be selected by a jury of working filmmakers, film critics, and film scholars.

Jury: Best Fiction
Jury: Best Animation
Jury: Best Documentary
Jury: Best Made-in-Michigan
Best of Fest
Best of Fest (Student)

Our 2018 prize packages are still being developed. Last year we had prizes from Final Draft, Wacom, ProAm USA, Toonboom, and Transcend—just to name a few!


Action Adaptation Adventure Animation Art-house Asian Black Black Comedy Bollywood Comedy Crime Documentary Drama Erotic Experimental Fantasy Foreign Language French Gangster Gay and Lesbian Ghost Historical Horror Independent Jewish Martial Arts Murder Mystery Musical Mystery National Natural History Noir Period Political Romance Science Fiction Short Silent Spy Student Supernatural Teen Thriller Travel TV War Western Women

Apply via Film Freeway

Known festival contacts Contacts
Jerry White Jr.
Festival Director


Open to the public


We do our best to curate a diverse and engaging program with a progressive group of unconventional filmmakers, musicians, and artists from Michigan and around the world. We strive to be inclusive and welcome people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, nationalities, creeds, orientations, and walks of life to submit!

Submitted films must be no longer than 15 minutes and have been completed after June 1st, 2016.

For the rest of the rules and terms, please visit our festival submission page on FilmFreeway.


Films must be submitted via FilmFreeway using either their online screener or a password-protected Vimeo/YouTube link. Physical screeners are not accepted.

We believe that filmmaking should be accessible to all and that content transcends medium. So we welcome all work whether it was shot on VHS, Super 8, an old iPhone, a DSLR, 35mm, or a 5K Red Scarlet. In fact, we have a special place in our hearts for so-called obsolete tech.


Earlybird Deadline (December 17th, 2017)
Animation, Documentary, Fiction: $10
Made in Michigan: $10
Made in MIchigan Student: $5

Regular Deadline (March11th, 2017)
Animation, Documentary, Fiction: $12
Made in Michigan: $10
Made in MIchigan Student: $5

Late Deadline (April 15th, 2017)
Animation, Documentary, Fiction: $15
Made in Michigan: $12
Made in MIchigan Student: $7

Final Deadline (April 29th, 2018)
Animation, Documentary, Fiction: $18
Made in Michigan: $15
Made in MIchigan Student: $10

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