London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema

London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema
London, United Kingdom

Tel: 01843290803

Sat 10th Feb to Sat 17th Feb
Submission deadline: Wed 15th Nov 17

Festival Overview

The International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema LONDON is a unique film and unproduced script event in its 10th year that is celebrating the best and most popular independent and studio films from the global film industry, and has wonderful opportunities for the business of film.

We have built a small but exceptional professional network of industry professional that will look at all nominated films entered and will give business and commercial advice, in some cases the distributors attending will make offers to the filmmakers for their work and to work together to put your movies and unproduced script in the market place, we have the people and skills in our professional team to make this happen, if the professional attending feel there is a market for your movie or unproduced script, they will as with many films over the years of our other festival make things happen.

We are unique in the amount of platforms and festival we offer filmmakers, we can create a ripple for your movie to be seen around the world, it all starts here by entering your movie.

The Festival is very keen to discover new talent and act as a springboard for creation. The development of the producers network gives filmmakers an opportunity to pitch there future production.

The International Filmmaker Film Festival will culminate in a glamorous red carpet awards ceremony recognising unrivalled ideas, productions and film concepts. The Prestige’s Filmmaker Award is presented to the finest films entered, named as a highly prized industry award that recognises those willing to make those final steps to reach the peak of their profession. The International Filmmaker Film Festival of World Cinema is a global forum for you to network, discover future trends and achieve commercial success on a worldwide level.

Over the week this unique one-stop media community gives you the chance to network and do business with other like-minded creative filmmakers and their representatives from around the globe, including some of the filmmakers in competition for the prestigious Filmmaker Award. Book your accreditation to talk movies with the filmmaker planning or in production on films to be released for the global market.

The International filmmaker festival is like no other International film Festival, we put you the filmmaker in front of potential investors in any new production you may be considering, we put your movie in front of potential distribution and sales to look at the possibility of offering you real deals and real help for you the filmmaker, look at our program read the short bios of the professional attending, join us and put your movie in a market place.

Carl Tooney - Festival President


Features, Animation, shorts, foreign Language and English shorts and features, scripts unproduced all features all shorts music videos Drone filming music videos


Action Adaptation Adventure Advertising Animation Art-house Asian Black Black Comedy Bollywood Children Comedy Crime Disaster Documentary Drama Educational Erotic Experimental Family Fantasy Foreign Language French Gangster Gay and Lesbian Ghost Historical Horror Independent Jewish Legal Martial Arts Medical Murder Mystery Music Video Musical Mystery National Natural History Noir Period Political Reality Religious Romance Science Fiction Short Silent Sport Spy Student Supernatural Teen Thriller Travel TV War Western Women

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Carl Tooney
Carl Tooney
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Open to the public


All filmmakers and script and screenplay authors


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Categories & Fees

 All Genres Excepted

 Feature Film

 Short Film

 Feature Documentry

 Short Documentry

 Short Music In Film

 Feature Music in film

 Education

 Animation short

 Feature Animation

 Foreign Language Short

 Foreign Feature Film

 Best Television Drama

 Best Televison Comedy

 Script Writing Short

 Script writing Long

 Drone Filming

Features, Animation, shorts, foreign Language and English shorts and features, scripts unproduced all features all shorts music videos

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