Best Seconds Video Competitions Q1 2018

Best Seconds Video Competitions Q1 2018
Emmetterstrasse 4b
Beckenried, Switzerland

Tel: +41787676278

Festival Overview

We call upon the most innovative and quick-witted filmmakers to create

5 USD submission fee — USD 5 Reusable Discount Voucher equals unlimited submissions absolutely FREE of charge to win min USD 500.
You have your smartphone camera ready? Your neighbor or your grandma are in as a top billed cast? The best filmmaking tool is an idea. Spend as little as possible and submit it to us! The best jury — public voting will ensure that the best videos win and...
we're sharing 50% of all submission revenue as a prize.

Your unique film making doesn't fit in above categories? and you don't want your video to be shared with the public? No worries, our categories SIGNATURE GEM, TANDEM GEM and GLOBETROTTER GEM are waiting for your unique short films, music- and travel videos. We'll be screening the best at our picturesque event in the Swiss Mountains.

INVENTIVE GEM - For our weekly subject - Public Voting - min. 500 USD Prize
You know how to make a witty, smart video and catch the audience in first 15 seconds of it!
Make a 1 min promo video for a particular subject we publish on our website every week and challenge yourself by not using it for its primary use (e.g. don’t use the toothpaste to clean teeth).
Subscribe to our Gem Creator Newsletter on our Website to be among the first to receive the new subject.

PUNCHLINE GEM - For our weekly slogan - Public Voting - min. 500 USD Prize
You have witnessed a funny or goofy or any awkward situation and think that it perfectly suits the slogan of our week! Or you are an idea machine and making a story around any slogan or phrase is a piece of cake for you!
Accept our challenge to make a 1 min witty video around the slogan of the week! Subscribe to our Gem Creator Newsletter on our Website to be among the first to receive the new slogan.

X-FACTOR GEM - For your viral video - Public Voting - min. 500 USD Prize
No social media visit is imaginable without scrolling through one or a couple of those videos that you just cannot pass by.
Millions of views!!! What’s the secret? If you are a master of X factor, accept our challenge to make a 1 min video that you believe can go viral!

SIGNATURE GEM - Short Fiction - Jury Selection & Screening
You have developed that unique and original filmmaking style that expresses your nature. Or you have made your first short that just turned out to have that peculiar feature that makes your talent standing out among the plurality of filmmakers!

TANDEM GEM - Music Video - Jury Selection & Screening
You know how to combine music with video and send the audience on an emotional roller-coaster!

GLOBETROTTER GEM - Travel Video - Jury Selection & Screening
You’re heading to that absolutely magnificent destination on the other side of the globe or a special happening just an hour drive away from your home, or maybe you just want to tell about a cultural event in your hometown?
Vibrant India, paradise Bali, impressive Alps, frozen Oymyakon, loving Paris, wild Safari, crazy Carnival, magic drive or any other fascinating place or happening from around the world - share your experience with us!


We're sharing 50% of submission revenue or at least 1'500 USD with the winners in the categories INVENTIVE GEM, PUNCHLINE GEM and X-FACTOR GEM.

Our Categories SIGNATURE GEM, TANDEM GEM and GLOBETROTTER GEM will get the official selection award as well as an audience award.


Action Action Adaptation Adaptation Adventure Adventure Advertising Advertising Advertising Animation Animation Animation Art-house Art-house Asian Asian Black Black Black Comedy Black Comedy Bollywood Bollywood Children Children Comedy Comedy Crime Crime Disaster Disaster Documentary Documentary Drama Drama Educational Educational Erotic Erotic Experimental Experimental Family Family Fantasy Fantasy Foreign Language Foreign Language Foreign Language French French Gangster Gangster Gay and Lesbian Gay and Lesbian Ghost Ghost Historical Historical Horror Horror Independent Independent Jewish Jewish Legal Legal Martial Arts Martial Arts Medical Medical Murder Mystery Murder Mystery Music Video Music Video Musical Musical Mystery Mystery National National Natural History Natural History Noir Noir Period Period Political Political Reality Reality Religious Religious Romance Romance Science Fiction Science Fiction Short Short Silent Silent Sport Sport Spy Spy Student Student Supernatural Supernatural Teen Teen Thriller Thriller Travel Travel TV TV War War Western Western Women Women

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5 - 20$, depending on category and submission deadline.
5$ waivers available for any submission after the first one.

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