Dyspla International Moving Image Festival

Dyspla International Moving Image Festival
Crypt Gallery
Euston Road
London, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 791 71 57 748

2018, Finished
Wed 14th Mar to Sun 18th Mar

Festival Overview

Funded by the Arts Council England, DYSPLA International Moving Image Festival will showcase a collection of moving images dedicated to exploring ‘The Dyslexic Aesthetic’.

Featuring a newly commsioned multi channel instalation by D-FUSE.
DYSPLA is an award winning arts organisation producing and developing the work of dyslexic + neurodivergent storymakers.

DYSPLA is a Tottenham based studio, funded by the Arts Council England and an associate artist at the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth.

We work internationally in film, immersive theatre, installation & digital art. Incorporated in 2013 to shed light on Dyslexic Narrative and the Dyslexic Aesthetic, DYSPLA is at the forefront of neurodivergent creativity.

DYSPLA aims to:
• Produce and develop the work of dyslexic and neurodivergent storymakers.

• Create stories with undervalued and unheard communities around Britain and the world.

• Build a national and international network of dyslexic and neurodiverse creatives.

• Inspire Britain’s neurodivergent storymaking community

Dyslexic and Neurodivergent storymakers have a strong heritage in narrative and non linear art history. Agatha Christie, Pablo Picasso, WB Yeats, Stan Brakhage, Steve Mcqueen, Quentin Tarantino, and Steven Spielberg, are just a few storymakers on an endless list, that share dyslexia as their commonality, and as their genius.

The UK’s education system has belittled and undervalued the neurodivergent community for centuries. Cuts to education in the arts, craft and music, lead by the worship of academia and the mythical neurotypical are destroying our young storymakers.

DYSPLA believes that our education system is suited for the few. The ‘social model of disability’ says that disability is caused by the way society is organised, rather than by a person’s difference. We are looking at ways of removing barriers that restrict life choices for those who think differently. By undervaluing the creative, the risk taking and the empathetic, the UK have lost countless great minds over the years and will continue to, unless we realise society is made up of a plethora of individual minds.

In recent days, one of the UK’s great dyslexic resources went into administration. The loss of Dyslexia Action is another blow to a neurodivergent community which lacks government support. It is another blow to a voice of millions that deserve to be heard.

DYSPLA dreams of a world where each and every creative mind, no matter how different from society’s norms, is individually valued and can flourish within an empathetic and supportive environment. We exist in the hope of building the crucial, next generation of innovative thinkers.


All submissions will be eligible for award consideration. There will be 4 handmade 'wearable' awards* by jewelry designer Sari Rathel. We are also working to secure mentor ships with industry professional's who will make up our panel speakers on the night. All award-winning films will also go on tour to a selection of universities in London and across the country.

The awards will be judged by DYSPLA’s esteemed panel made up of elite members of the creative industry and presented at the Gala event in London, UK 2018

*Awards Designed by Sari Rathel


Animation Art-house Documentary Experimental Reality Short

Submit your film via festival focus
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Submission Fee: £10
We accept films from categories such as animation, art-house, documentary, experimental, reality and short. The max length will be 45 minutes.
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Dyspla Festival
Lennie Varvarides


Open to the public



• All Films must be submitted on 30th November 2017.

• All Films submitted must have a dyslexic/neurodivergent Director or/and Writer.

• DYSPLA considers both new and old films for competitive sections. There is no completion date restriction.

• Any genre and any length of film will be considered – anything under 45 minutes is classified as a short, anything over 45 minutes is classified as a feature.


DYSPLA is taking in consideration any film or script format, which needs to be submitted via email.


14TH MARCH- Includes a Gin and Cake Reception
7:00 - 10:00 PM
£30.00 (+£1 booking fee)

Industry guest speakers discussing ‘The Dyslexic Aesthetic’
7:00 - 9:30 PM
£10.00 (+£1 booking fee)

All festival films are playing continuously throughout the day.
1:00 - 8:00 PM
£5.00 (+£1 booking fee)

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