Metro Film & TV Awards

Metro Film & TV Awards
Metro Detroit
Detroit, United States

Tel: 3134664629

2019, Accepting submissions
Submission deadline: Fri 1st Nov 19
Sat 2nd Nov to Sat 9th Nov

Festival Overview

The Metro Film & TV Awards help Filmmakers reach their goals by way of direct opportunities for recognition and publicity.
For example, this year we offer you the option to have your Trailer broadcast to over 500,000 of our subscribers on Amazon Fire TV and ROKU connected television channels.

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Quality and creativity are celebrated in several levels of awards including Metro's

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Dean Lach
Program Director
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Open to the public


The Metro TV & Film Awards are International* in scope and support most every type of content from across the globe. Metro accepts Nominations and Official Submissions online.

*Sorry, Metro cannot Translate multi-language films this year. The 2019 Festival is for ENGLISH speaking submissions only.

A content's Release Window(s) is not a determining factor for consideration in the Festival. Metro aims to encourage filmmakers, rather than looking for methods of exclusion.

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Digital Submissions via online-link (or upload if available.) Most any type or genre in categories:
TV, Web TV, and Pilots
New Media
Student Filmmakers


Shorts $15 early-$30 late.
Features $40 early - $70 late.
Featurettes $25 early - $55 late.
TV, Web TV, and Pilots $25 early - $55 late.
New Media $20 early - $45 late
Student Filmmakers $15 early - $30 late.

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