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Festival Overview

The backup_festival 2010 in Weimar is looking for the next dimension of experimental short films and thus sets up a contest for the new approach to the medium of film. In a time where film is no longer bound to cinema or television, its further development lives on avant garde border crossers with captivating ideas, who detect the „In-between", break open previous categorisations and create new forms of narration.

The aim of the festival is to encourage innovative and creative ways of filmmaking beyond commercial cinema and to explicitly differentiate itself from other film contests which are already established but addressed exclusively to film schools. Exactly for this reason, for the first time in the 12th year of backup, only contributions by students and alumni from art, media and design schools will compete.

The backup_festival fosters young talents, provides a forum for artistic young filmmakers to present their works to a broad public and furthermore offers the opportunity to do networking with established experts from the film industry.

>> backup_festival
May 06-09, 2009
Weimar, Germany
call for entries - deadline: March 1, 2010


>>>>>>>>>> backup.award
We are looking for short films and videos which reflect and define the boundaries and
possibilities of the cinematic format through the creative use of different production methods and modes of expression. The interplay of media with differing techniques and the influence of these two aspects on narrative structures, production, and distribution processes are considered the most important criteria. The aim is to break out of previous categorisations and to produce hybrid forms of film.
The submitted works must have been completed after January 1st 2008 and should not
exceed 15 minutes in length.

>>>>>>>>>> backup.clip.award
We are looking for music videos which create unique combinations of music and motion
picture through the employment of different techniques and forms of media. The focus of
this award is on the artistic use of music video characteristics. The aim is to make pictures audible and sounds visible.
The submitted works must have been completed after January 1st 2007 and should not
exceed 7 minutes in length. If copyrighted music is used in the video clip, legal rights to
use the songs must be granted in order to be admitted in the competition.

A panel of independent judges consisting of film makers, television professionals, producers, designers, and media theorists will award prizes to the best works. The call for entries is distributed internationally at film and art colleges, universities, universities of applied sciences, film and media agencies, film clubs, cultural centres and centres of learning, as well as online at:

Deadline: March 1, 2010

All submitted works should be sent in due time so as to arrive before the deadline and should include a copy for preview, stills, list of dialogues, synopsis, biography and filmography.


Advertising Animation Experimental Independent Music Video Short Student

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23rd Feb 2010 News from the backup_festival 2010


Open to the public


All contributions should be sent before the deadline and they should include one preview-DVD, stills, a dialogue list, a synopsis as well as a biography and filmography.


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