В театре ( Упавшая актриса )

English: In the Theatre ( or Fallen actress )
Plot Summary a travelling of an actress in space and time of the theatre
One actress of the crowd scene
seriously than others went to the execution of her role. Beside the things she got it
DirectorVladimir Beldian
ProducerVladimir Beldian
WriterVladimir Beldian
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Genres Art-house Drama Experimental Fantasy Independent Thriller
Running time33 minutes
Production CompanyVladimir Beldian
LocationMoscow, Russia
Known Crew crew
Vladimir Beldian Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Editor (Colourist), Producer, Sound Editor, Writer
Alfred Schnitke Compositor
Slava Zhukov Sound Supervisor
Alexei Butirsky Special Effects Supervisor
Known Cast cast
Aleksei Zavyalov hussar
Olga Nemogay premier
Olga Lerman twin
Maria Volkova young and old actress
Known Companies company
Vladimir Beldian production company
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