English: Volkswagen
Plot Summary In The Deep Of Giza, Old volks cars from 60th & 70th still working as a transportation for people, creating really beautiful mess.
throw this transportation station, we see old volks cars, and we really get deep with these people work there.
DirectorHady Mahmoud
ProducerHady Mahmoud
WriterHady Mahmoud
Genres Documentary Drama Foreign Language Reality
Running time45 minutes
Production CompanyCairo High Cinema Institute / Loop Films
LocationGiza, Egypt
Financial OverviewMy Father, Equipment From Friends
Budget100 USD
Aspect Ratio16:9
First Time Filmmaker
Student Project
Known Crew crew
Azza Kalfat Cinematographer, Sound Recordist
Khaled Sebaie Colourist
Hady Mahmoud Director, Editor, Producer, Sound Editor, Writer
Rami Nedal Editor
Mohamed Wfiq Editor, Sound Editor
Kareem Boghdady Sound Mixer
Known Cast cast
Ali Tolpa Volkswagen Driver
Known Companies company
Cairo High Cinema Institute Production company
Loop Films Production company

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