Angel Back
Plot Summary Woman who gets in touch with boyfriend who passed away
Two young people feel in love and discover they both can read the thoughts of one another. A strong connection is developed between them and Maria is asked to marry. Her mother does not favor their relationship because she has not finished her studies and he is poor. Her boyfriend dies in an accident when he leaves in another country and she wants to commit suicide. She is struggling with the lost of her boyfriend up to late age.
DirectorNatalia Ghilascu
ProducerMircea Goia
WriterNatalia Ghilascu
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Genres Drama Family Independent Jewish Religious Supernatural
Running time6 minutes
Production CompanyImpact
LocationPhoenix, United States
BudgetThe budget of this film was over 2.000 USD for rental of equipment, transportation, time and efforts of the crew that shoot the film in 5 days.
Known Crew crew
Darko Ivanovic Camera Operator (HD)
Rejneesh Bhandari Camera Operator (HD)
Mircea Goia Director of Photography, Producer, Production Co-ordinator
Natalia Ghilascu Director, Editor (Final Cut Pro), Writer
Known Cast cast
Jai Raja Alex
Ileana Lalescu Alex's empoyer
Anne Gentry Marina
Xenia Roman Marina's mother
Luisa Lalescu Marina's sister
Sarah Jarvis young Marina
Known Companies company
Impact production company
Impact Studio Production company

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