Plot Summary A journey away from what we know to be real.
It was a random weekday: the phone-call happened to go slightly differently that day: however, it was not sufficiently different to sense something was underway. The husband had asked the wife whether she could manage a quick break to see one of his old acquaintances who would pass on to her a parcel for him. She could.

That evening she was waiting for this man, in a cafe. The waiter at the coffee-shop served a glass of water. And this was where things started getting unusual.

The drink that was served- which looked, smelled, tasted and was believed to be just water was, well, not water. And then, things started happening.
DirectorAnirban Guha
ProducerAnirban Guha
WriterSinjini Sengupta
Genres Asian Drama Family Fantasy Independent National
Running time34 minutes
Production CompanyGulaal
LocationGurgaon, India
Known Crew crew
Ravi Kiran Ayyagari Cinematographer, Director of Photography
Anirban Guha Director, Producer, Script Writer
Sreya Chatterjee Editor
Shantanu Biswas Music Supervisor
Sinjini Sengupta Script Writer, Writer
Suchisuvro Sen Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Sound Recordist
Nilanjan Sen Sound Mixer
Sharmi Chakraborty Sound Playback
Known Cast cast
Mahul Brahma Akash
Arindom Ghosh Avik
Roopkatha Guha Cafe Visitor
Anirban Guha Café Visitor
Jayati Sengupta Café Visitor
Kasturi Mukherjee Café Visitor
Manish Golder Café Visitor
Koustav Bhattacharya Café waiter 1, Lift Man, Hospital Wardboy
Dr. Koushik Dutta Counsellor
Dr. Dipendranath Mukhopadhyay Hospital Physician
Sinjini Sengupta Office Colleague
Rushvir Singh Office Colleague
Daminee Benny Basu Srija
Known Companies company
Gulaal production company
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