Billion Star Hotel
Plot Summary A little homeless boy, learns how things are going in real life, from his mentor, Papa Rudi.
Every day, we're faced with the following exercise: to give the world around us a certain cue. To smile, to take everything as a joke, to laugh out loud, or to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by reality. To be painfully aware of the distance between us and our dreams, of the obstacles, and the fact that we are alone all the time. Some choose to escape, to build their own world, with it's own rules, with the memories of fairy tales and dreams that really come to be. A world where three friends are brought together by the same destination. Or maybe, it all comes down to daydreaming. And feeling the empty spaces with music. It all depends on how you choose to see things. In black, in white, or in sync with the beat. Billion Star Hotel, for each viewer, a different story.
WriterAlecs Nastoiu
Running time92 minutes
Production CompanyGAT Films
Known Crew crew
Gregory Smith Assistant Editor
Florentin Ionita Sound Superviser
Alecs Nastoiu writer
Known Cast cast
Radu Munteanu AD (1st)
Alecs Nastoiu Director, Script Writer
Known Companies company
GAT Films production company
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