Plot Summary A college senior monopolizes the on-campus drug scene to pay his tuition after his father abandons him, unperturbed by the long-established cartel presence in the area.
Quincy is a rising college senior who is one year away from entering the real world. Reality strikes earlier than expected when his father announces that he has lost his job and is moving back to Kansas. Quincy has two months to secure 50 thousand dollars in order to pay for his last year of school or else his three years of hard work will have gone to waste.
Quincy and his best friend Jackson devise a business model on how to monopolize the drug game on campus. Quincy convinces the main dealers on campus to form a coalition and mark up prices, which will drive up profits. Quincy and his crew are riding high and making more money than they ever could have imagined when the cartel takes action against them, and Quincy realizes that a small operation has quickly escalated to a lifestyle he might not be able to escape from.
DirectorEric Hinwood
ProducerJoseph Evans
WriterVishal Kolar
Genres Crime Drama Gangster Student Thriller
Running time7 minutes
Production CompanyATAEC Studios
LocationWhittier, United States
Financial OverviewProducers
Aspect Ratio16:9
Known Crew crew
Josh Keh Boom Operator
Joseph Evans Boom Operator, Producer
Zack Ambrosio Camera Assistant
Michael Anda Camera Operator (HD)
Alexander Hackworth Camera Operator (HD), Director of Photography
Kevin Diaz Composer
Peter Lam Composer
Eric Hinwood Director, Editor (Assistant), Editor (Colourist)
Michael Kawachika Gaffer
Collin McDowell Key Grip
Alexandria Valenzuela Make-up Artist
Timothy O'Malley Sound Mixer
Vishal Kolar Writer
Known Cast cast
Maleek Griffith Alex
Collin McDowell Bo
Ryan Richardson College Dude
Pablo Gomez Curry
Christian Mohn Jackson
Angel Sandoval Miguel
Ambar Kaiser Monica
Chloe Diaz Natalie
Ben Thompson Nerdy College Kid
Eric Hinwood Pedro
Sean Kenny Quincy
Timm Saxton Quincy's Father
Known Companies company
ATAEC Studios production company
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