Plot Summary NABIL, 10, is chosen to play the hero in an Islamic propaganda film by Malik, a charismatic film director. As the production goes on, Nabil is proud of his commitment and to the fatherly love he is slowly earning by his talented director. But as their film reaches the climax which involves literally killing the American soldiers who are forced to act for them, Nabil begins to psychologically suffer, questioning himself if he is able to take someone’s life. As the night before the execution darkens, Nabil is faced with a choice: to stay and become the hero for his people, gaining a family that will shelter him in the process, or leave and become a lost child in a brutal world.
ProducerElena Aksenova
Running time15 minutes
Statusin development
Production CompanyAFI
Known Crew crew
Kevin Roy 1st AD
Erin Kantner 2nd AD
Shea McCloughan 2nd Assistant Director
Kaushal Shah Cinematographer
Rui Jiang (R.J.) Ong Company Grip
Conor Soules Electrician
Elena Aksenova Producer
Bogart Levesque Production Assistant
Luna Fang Production Assistant
Anthony Giacomelli Production Assistant
Joshua Chan Production Coordinator
Vlad Aksenov Production Designer
Maisie Cafeo Set Decorator
Gretchen Ariate Set Dresser
Known Cast cast
No known crew
Known Companies company
AFI production company

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