Stan And Ollie
Plot Summary The life of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
The film charts the story of their success, decline and farewell tour.
WriterJeff Pope
Running time100 minutes
Statusin production
Production CompanyBBC Films
Known Crew crew
Jack Woods 2nd AS
Bea Garcia Hair and Make-Up daily trainee
Mazz Loxton Hair and Makeup Department, dayly, trainee
Jeff Pope writer
Known Cast cast
Roy Carlisle Audience Member Abbey Theatre
Liam Raymond Background Artist
Anoush Kendrick Beauty queen
Elijah Dallen Child Extra
Sharon Sibyl Gatt Cinema Audience Member (Extra)
Rebecca Yeo Concierge Savoy
James Kennedy Crowd
Ross Forrest Don Brookins
Clementine Medforth Executive Office Assistant
Jamie Rudd Extra
Yardley Kids Extra
Emily Parrett Extra
Ashton Martin Roden Extra 1950's child
Hayden Munt Featured waiter
Sophie Wardlow Laurel's makeup artist
Anastasia Parquet MakeUp Artist for Oliver Hardy
Dougal Rose Non speaking featured and crowd
Elise Lamb Plymouth Girl
Steve Price Press Man
Owen Findlay Robin Hood
Laura Wingrove Showgirl
Sindri Swan Stagehand
Chris McQuire Stagehand
Greg Canestrari Stan's Lawyer
George Rodd Theartre Guest
Known Companies company
BBC Films production company
Bowler Hat, Pinewood Studios production company
Fable Pictures production company
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