Bohemian Rhapsody
Plot Summary A celebration of the life of Freddie Mercury and the band Queen
A chronicle of the years leading up to Queen's legendary appearance at the Live Aid concert in 1985.
WriterAnthony McCarten
Running time140 minutes
Statusin production
Production CompanyGK Films
Known Crew crew
Jessica O'Donoghue 3rd Assistant Editor
Nadia Becker Crowd Hair and Makeup
Sophie Freeman Crowd PA, PA
Oscar Hastings Floor Runner
Mazz Loxton Hair and Makeup Department, daily, trainee
Alice Osborne Hair and Makeup Trainee
Tobi Abraham-Silas Location Marshal
Jasmin Coles Make-up and hair Trainee (daily)
Jackie Witney MUA crowd room
Emma Hammond Personal Assistant: Rami Malek
Tom Lowe Playback operator
Louis Reeves Runner
Susie Coleridge Smith Set Decoration Office Assistant
Lucy Myers SFX Coordinator
Jason Medway Stand By Staging and Rigging Tech
Kim Brown Trainee Makeup Artist (Dailies)
Eszter Telegdy Transport Secretary
Anthony McCarten writer
Known Cast cast
Monica Di'Lorenzo 1970s crowd
Tom Lockwood Actor (confidential)
Graham Reeves Airline Passenger
Andrew Bowerman Angry Audience Member
Mei Lau Audience
Murdo Manning Audience at Live Aid
Melanie Frobisher Audience at Live Aid Concert
John Gumley-Mason Audience member
Sophie Kaytaz Back stage rock act woman
Jad Marz barman
Stefan White Barman
Drew Hartland Barman
Katarina Martin BMG audience - stage row
Callum Needham Call Centre Worker
Jess Radomska Cheryl
Becca Winkler College Student
Joanna Zwierzynska Concert Girl
Eden Jun Concert goer
Sal Bolton Concert Goer
Chloe Swan Confidential
Kieron Barron Crowd Member, Kissing Couple
Valter Almeida Customer in club
Eloise Hymas Dancer
Emilie Blanc Dancer, ensemble
Peter Coe Doorman - Featured
Ashley Hudson Drink German Ralf
Loïc Pichardie Ealing student
Daniel Ryves Ex lover of Freddie Mercury
Jack Rodway Extra
Rosie Matthew Extra
Ting Fung Extra
Arthur Le Baleur Extra (Party Goer)
jodie davey Fan girl
Marco Mastrocola Fan of the band
Alexandra Cole Fat-Bottomed Girl
Jeanine Jones Featured 80s girl
Julia Warr Featured background. Journalist
Bethany Watts Featured Dancer
Christof King Festival Goer and Market Trader
Devlin Lloyd Floor Manager
Winson Ting Freddie Mercury costume mannequin
Stuart Walker Freddie's Ex-Lover
Matthew Fredricks Freddie’s lover
Linda Napirana Funky Runner
Albina Bulatova Guest at the concert
jason lines Guitarist, Actor - Munich
Alison Arellano Italian Mum
Chris Tyler James White - (gives Freddy Mercury aids)
Charlotte Sharland Jenny (Ealing Art Student)
Matthew Houston Larry Mullen Jr.
Rebecca Miller Lead stand in
Lucie Cooper-Jones Live Aid call worker
James Hare Live Aid Concert Attendee
Jonathan Cann Magician at Freddie's 30th Party
Vincent Andriano Meat Packer
Rishi Gupta Metal Worker
Ian Morine New Yorker
Ian Williamson NY Clubber
Ashley Bristow Papparazi (Cameraman)
Drew P. Robertson Phone Bank Manager - Dave
Philip Andrew Reinhold Mack
Charlie Fiske Roger Taylor Drum Double
Heather Smart Rogers Girl
Zhivko Ivanov Russian Soldier singing Bohemian Rhapsody song, cutted out scene
Michael Hennessy Sound Engineer, Festival goer
Ellen Jane Thomas Stand In (Mary Austen)
Léoni Hughes Student
Angela Lee Supporting
Josh Timmins Supporting Artist
Christine Richards Supporting Artist
Nelle Cross Supporting Artist
Abby Whitworth Supporting, Background
Jorge Espadas Toga boy at Party
Royce Cronin TV Director
Riaan Siddh Bhardwaj Watching TV footage of the LIVE AID concert 1985
Known Companies company
20th Century Fox production company
GK Films production company
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