Mind Cage
Plot Summary A Psychiatrist struggles to defeat superstition and old beliefs when a disgraced traditional healer threatens to tear his world apart.
A traditional Healer exploits the deep rooted stigma of mental health in rural Cambodia, with his harsh treatment methods. He is humiliated and locked up when a Psychiatrist from the city of Phnom Penh intervenes and proves him wrong. Having lost all respect, the Healer tracks down the Psychiatrist and stalks his family. The Healer breaks in to the Psychiatrist’s house at nights, and the family wakes up to a disturbing surprise in the mornings. Mysterious events happening in the house start to disintegrate the happy family. Things get even more complicated as the Psychiatrist’s wife is a strong believer of superstitions. Sanity of each character is challenged as the Healer’s cruel games pushes everyone in the family towards the edge. An original Khmer story that touches upon shades of reality and contrast between the urban and rural life in a changing Cambodia.
DirectorAmit Dubey
WriterAmit Dubey, Michael Hodgson
Genres Asian Independent Medical Thriller
Running time83 minutes
Production CompanyKhyal Productions
LocationPhnom Penh, Cambodia
Known Crew crew
Amit Dubey Director, writer
Anastasia Shepherd Editor
Hal __ Music Producer
Michael Hodgson writer
Known Cast cast
Amit Dubey Producer
Sveng Socheata Vanny
Known Companies company
Independent Feature Film made in Cambodia production company
Khyal Productions production company
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